5 Can’t Miss Albums From Dec 2020 (That Aren’t EVERMORE)

5 Can’t Miss Albums From Dec 2020 (That Aren’t EVERMORE)

I hid away from my kids in the kitchen pretending to cook dinner and put on some really lovely new albums to break up the Christmas music overload.

Sometimes when I get a moment to myself, I browse some new releases on Apple Music and have no one to talk about it afterwards! So, talk to me about your fav new albums. IG & T: @JennicaRenee

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In The Darkest Of Nights, Let The Birds Sing – EP. Foster The People. Alternative.

This one put a swing in my hips, a retro bounce in my step, and inspired me to turn down the overhead to let the Christmas twinkle lights set the mood. Active, sexy, and great to indulge with an intimate partner.

White Pony 20th anniversary reissue X Black Stallion remix double album. Deftones. Hard Rock.

Exactly what you think it is. Super active. Driving music. Action movie motivation to help me rage clean my house.

Wonder (deluxe). Shawn Mendes. Pop.

Life’s little delights with big feelings. All the feelings. “I wonder if I’m being real, …” sets the tone for the album. Good vibes. Better for cooking than Hard rock, for sure.

SAWAYAMA. Rina Sawayama. Alternative.

Poppy into 90o’s alternative and then … yeah, just about as genre-fluid as it gets. Her sound is fun and I think I would listen to this as great driving music, tons of energy and interest.

Antidote To Being Bored – EP. Oscar Lang. Alternative.

I’d describe it as rock, 100%. But I think I would say its a retro rock and alternative as a descriptor. Great energy, great for playing around the house. Great for opening up a beer and chilling on the porch in the late afternoon while the kids scooter up and down the driveway.

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