A ‘Roadmap’ To “Learning What It Takes To Gain Traction In Screenwriting…”

A ‘Roadmap’ To “Learning What It Takes To Gain Traction In Screenwriting…”

An interview with Joey Tuccio.

Roadmap Writers Founder/CEO Joey Tuccio started in the industry at Bold Films (Drive, Nightcrawler, Whiplash) and has read for Hugh Jackman’s company, George Clooney’s company, and Night and Day Pictures. Embarking on a new journey altogether, Tuccio has made it his mission to guide writers through the complexities of Hollywood.

Why did you start Roadmap Writers in the first place?

We (Dorian and I) wanted to create a career development program that was actually transparent for writers. We wanted writers to know who is reading their work, who they are pitching to, who is requesting their material, and who is showing interest in representing them. It was also important for us to create a highly personalized experience. Writers are all so different, we didn’t feel a one size fits all approach would be as effective. I think it’s working. We work tirelessly for our writers! In just five years, we actively helped 218 writers get signed to representation. Our clients have sold their projects to Netflix, MGM, Hulu, Amazon and more. They’ve been staffed pretty much everywhere (including Bridgerton). Key to our approach is not only knowing our clients’ material well, but also understanding the human behind the script. This helps us identify the execs, managers and agents who will most connect with our writers. 

Can you tell us about how the program works?

Our Career Writer Program is an interactive program where we help writers with every facet of their writing portfolio and devise a marketing strategy.

Step 1 is a really immersive month where writers learn the ins and outs of pitching so they’re comfortable pitching in front of anybody. 

Step 2 puts the finishing touches on their marketing strategy, while Step 3 focuses entirely on polishing writers’ scripts. 

Step 4 and Step 5 are all about marketing their material to the industry. This is where most of our success stories come from.

Who is involved in constructing the curriculum and who teaches the classes?

We’re incredibly hands on. The entire Roadmap team becomes involved in guiding the writers through the program. What makes us special is that we also have relationships with dozens of execs, producers, managers, and agents, who also serve as our instructors! It’s a great way for writers to get perspectives from all different types of people! 

What are its top benefits?

Step 5 is called Top Tier and is where our most vetted writers live. Every month, writers gain exclusive access to dozens of execs who are not normally available to the rest of the community. We shine an extra spotlight on those writers to help them get traction.

Are there any major success stories?

We identified and nurtured a script from one of our writer’s called Sex Appeal. It is being produced by American High (led by the amazing filmmaker Jeremy Garelick) and will be released on Hulu in mid-January 2022. Writers have also landed their first staffing gigs on series for Netflix, FOX, Peacock, HBOMax, etc. Some have sold their first original projects to Warner Bros., MGM, Netflix, Amazon, and more. Roadmap is ideal for any writer who is genuinely interested in taking their first steps toward learning what it takes to gain traction in the screenwriting, TV writing, podcasting, or novel business. 

What does the future hold for your program?

We are excited to add content creation to our business, and we have some really exciting things coming up that will not only help writers shepherd their projects to production, but to actually get their projects made. Stay tuned for the next chapter of Roadmap coming soon!

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