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Alan Tudyk Appreciation Post: RESIDENT ALIEN Is The Best Show You’re Not Watching…Yet




Alan Tudyk is originally from El Paso and now lives a BiCoastal dream life in New York and Los Angeles. He works on exciting projects with incredibly talented players. Alan Tudyk has the dream acting career where he can go to the grocery store or the theater without incident and equally recognizable and beloved by all across the geek-sphere and general audiences.

Resident Alien. 2021 Series. Harry Vanderspeigle. SyFy (Season 1 is airing now!).

Alan Tudyk plays an alien and I’m officially convinced that HE IS ACTUALLY AN ALIEN. His attempt at being human is perfectly weird and brings doubt to my mind. Sara Tomko‘s “Asta Twelvetrees” is a wonderfully dramatic character carrying the themes of other-worldliness in her casual and thoughtful approach. Alice Wetterlund‘s “D’Arcy Bloom” is the epitome of charming, she’s incredibly present and unabashedly human. She is also attracted to the subversive social behavior of Alan Tudyk‘ “Harry Vanderspeigle” and gives us joy by sharing her lens with the audience. She’s almost in on the joke by finding his presence enjoyable despite his blunt disdain for human interest. I cannot wait to see what they do with Corey Reynolds‘ “Sheriff Mike Thompson” and Elizabeth Bowen‘s “Deputy Liv Baker” in the rest of the series. Also! Judah Prehn‘s “Max Hawthorne” and Gracelyn Awad Rinke‘s “Sahar” are electric young actors. I cannot get over how fabulous they are. I want a spin off-series at some point.

But what else do I know Alan Tudyk from??? Probably a dozen shows and movies since the late 90’s to now. Here are just the top few:

Powerless. 2017 Series. Van Wayne.

Newsreaders. 2014 Series. Reagan Biscayne.

Suburgatory. 2011 Series. Noah Werner.

Serenity. 2005 Feature. Wash (reprise).

Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. 2004 Feature. Steve the Pirate.

Firefly. 2002 Series. Hoban ‘Wash’ Washburne.

A Knight’s Tale. 2001 Feature. Wat.

Voice work! Here is a brief excerpt of his voice range across every show and movie possible: Ice Age . Astro Boy . Glenn Martin DDS. Family Guy. Batman: The Brave and the Bold. Good Vibes. Phineas and Ferb. Wreck-It Ralph. Frozen. Big Hero 6. Zootopia. TripTank. Moana. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. The Adventures of Puss in Boots. Ralph Breaks the Internet. Young Justice. Aladdin. Doom Patrol. Archibald’s Next Big Thing. Final Space. Frozen II. Rick and Morty. Harley Quinn. Robot Chicken. American Dad! The Tick. Raya and the Last Dragon. … and likely a dozen more in the next year.

Click To Watch Resident Alien HERE

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