Album Release: Power to the Queer Kids, Vol. 3

Album Release: Power to the Queer Kids, Vol. 3

Annual charity compilation album to support the LGBTQIA+ community. Featuring ZEE MACHINE’s video contribution as well as Travie Austin, Michael Kurowski’s video contribution.

Fun yet soulful. Great gift. Unique covers that make you move (or curl up like Track 4: She) (or a sexy hang with Track 6: And I Love Him). Meaningful connection to the material that hits deep (Track 10: Angel). And all proceeds gathered at this link will go to The Trevor Project! Read more about life affirming, youth crisis intervention, and suicide prevention powerhouse The Trevor Project HERE. When you’re ready for some great music supporting a great cause, check out this line-up:

  1. Bryce Bowyn – Holiday
  2. Bentley Robles – Come Clean
  3. Travie Austin, Michael Kurowski – You Gotta Be
  4. Logan Potter – She
  5. ZEE MACHINE – Why
  6. Chris Riffle – And I Love Him
  7. Marxoxo – Overprotected
  8. Jxckson – Malchik Gay
  9. Ryan Satyr – I Am Light
  10. Motherway – Angel
  11. Yavin ft. Pillbook – Cool


“Power to the Queer Kids, Vol. 3” is the third annual charity compilation album in the PTTQK Series that supports the LGBTQIA+ community. This album combines the work of queer artists Bryce Bowyn, Bentley Robles, Travie Austin, Logan Potter, Zee Machine, Chris Riffle, Marxoxo, Jxckson, Ryan Satyr, Motherway, Yavin and Pillbook, from all across the country. These artists contributed cover songs that hold significance to their own queer identities. 

100% of proceeds from Bandcamp will go to The Trevor Project, an organization that provides resources, like crisis prevention and suicide hotlines, to LGBTQIA+ youth.

  • released June 4, 2021 
  • Organized by Zach Benson, Maggie Fraser and Tori Leche 
    Artwork by Zach Benson and Jack Braun
  • Buy Album HERE

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