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Album Release: “Sophisti-Ratchet” Pioneers First Global Digital Tour On CLubhouse App



I met Austin Dean Ashford on set a few years back. After getting the chance to work alongside him, I got to pick his brain on the ride back into town. That’s when I realized I was in the presence of genius. His story is sensational and his mind is electric. He is going forward, far, and fast.

The Affirmation Anthem Album on an Ukulele

I asked him how he got to this place in his life. His grounded and thoughtful answer made me swoon:

Austin Dean Ashford: “A lot of mistakes, risk, curiosity, laughs, and encouragement.”

Internationally recognized musician ​Austin Dean Ashford​ is releasing his progressive debut Album and Soundtrack, ‘Sophisti-Ratchet!’​ ‘Described as a Hip-Hop masterpiece with thought-provoking lyrics to engage every listener. …Focusing on the Island-Trap genre, ‘Sophisti-Ratchet’ merges ukulele, Afro-Latin sounds, and Bay Area swagger to introduce a new energy that ​Austin​ is pioneering. His clever lyricism and flow is grounded with infectious energy and a blend of modern boom bap! For fans of OutKast and Anderson Paak, ​Austin’s ‘Sophisti-Ratchet’ is a strong launch his career and is demanding your attention!

Austin Dean Ashford is a Creative, and Renaissance man who is also pursuing his doctoral degree at Texas Tech University in Interdisciplinary Fine Arts.

I have listened to this album on repeat ALL DAY LONG for 2 days straight leading up to this review/interview release. This is a productivity, feel-good, enrichment anthem that wouldn’t let my body stop moving. Can’t. Stop. Moving.

I asked Austin Dean Ashford about his collaborators, this album is brimming with top talent:

Austin Dean Asford: “I chose these collaborators with personal relationships. Anybody on this project I have worked with before or been a fan of and finally asked a favor. “

Sophisti -Ratchet Soundtrack was co-produced by Austin Dean Ashford and Gregatron. Gregatron, a former classmate of Austin’s at the HBCU Wiley College in Marshall Texas, also worked on the mixing of the song. The recording of the Album was in Lubbock Texas at Amusement Park Studios down the street from where Austin is pursuing his phd. The clarinet on “SPIRIT” track is from Latin Grammy Award Winner located in Cali Colombia Maestro Adrian Viafara Martinez  who was also a member of One Beat Colombia with Austin Dean Ashford in 2019. The Harmonica on the intro track “Sophisti-Ratchet” comes from Little Rock Arkansas legend Rah Howard while the feature rap bars are created by Philly’s very own Noel Scales.

In a perfect world, I asked this amazing artist how he wants YOU to listen to this album:

Austin Dean Ashford: “I would want them to listen to this album on a morning walk, a wind down from work, or in traffic on the highway. Lol.”

If this is your first listen to anything Austin Dean Ashford, go ahead and pick an activity where you can enjoy the lyrics WHILE you move your body. Due to pandemic life in crowded Los Angeles, I am mostly assigned to my home and enjoy listening with my kids while cleaning, playing, cooking, but – let’s be honest – I was dancing ALL DAY LONG! And THIS is the oxytocin boost I needed this week! I do get stuck in traffic quite a bit, my car would attract a LOT of traffic with how hard I would be dancing in the driver’s seat.

I love asking artists about their favorite lyrics, but this answer gives me life:

Austin Dean Ashford: “Lol. Every lyric it took me 20 years to craft this project”

Actually, I GET IT. So, here are some of MY favorite lyrics from Sophisti Ratchet ft Noel Scales:

LYRICS (short excerpt)
Written by Austin Dean Ashford & Noel Scales

“This for all them times, They underestimated
I use to send invites, Online for my occasions
Get a presale for 20, And I’ll throw you a bracelet 
I learn to market, From hustlers 
They taught me to embrace it

They was my first supporters
Before I won white awards
And conquered, Eurocentric norms
I would write and then perform
To drugs dealers, That got transformed 
And told me to, Just practice more 
I went to school, And I got reborn 
It’s the Same God, But I got the sword
same job, But now I’m getting more
I’m in higher ed, Reading Literature 
My new Lit, Getting lit fasure 
don’t politic, With no oppressor 
just level up, and then add pressure 
I’m pro test, Like a professor
My Process, Make me protest more
My progress, Is phenomenal

I use to write poetry and
Throw some ratchet parties
Write a haiku, drink some brews 
Then kick it shorties 
They snap for a poem
Or throw that ass up on me
depends on the night
Some had class in the morning 
They love my bars
Now they attorneys 
They still my fans 
And cool me down when I be tourin 
Too turnt, And we classic 
keep it classy and savage”

Loving this album out TOMORROW MARCH 19th (this is just a preview), check it out and share with a friend:

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