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    Rick Bickerstaff

    Rick realized he loved writing when a high school teacher made the mistake of giving him the freedom to write and share any story he wanted. What resulted was an utterly ridiculous tale about him, his punk bandmates and his favorite skateboarder saving the day at a local skatepark, and then celebrating together at Taco Bell (pretty much his dream scenario at the time). Fast forward a couple of decades and he still loves telling ridiculous stories (but also some serious ones), still makes music (now folk instead of punk), still skateboards (though it hurts more now) and also still enjoys Taco Bell (this hurts more too). So basically he continues to act like he is in high school, though now he tries to get paid for it.

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  • Let Your Heart Heal With Scott Of The Andes

    Let Your Heart Heal With Scott Of The Andes0

    Ask any songwriter and they will tell you that most songs come in times of trauma and heartbreak, flowing out like a sullen river bursting forth from the broken levy of unfortunate commonalities like false hope and unrequited love. Now take a listen to Scott of the Andes, and you’ll find another great, brokenhearted songwriter,

  • The New Single By Kenneith Perrin Captures Soul In A Fresh Way

    The New Single By Kenneith Perrin Captures Soul In A Fresh Way0

    I was setting up microphones in the back room of Bar Lubitsch, a Russian-themed bar in West Hollywood with a macabre decor that transports you into what feels like a Cold War-era speakeasy. Candelabra lights are scattered amongst dimly lit suspended lamps, dusty mirrors and antique paintings of a bygone era that would be scandalous