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    Jessica Hobbs

    Jessica Hobbs spent the early part of her career working in technical theater, opera, and film festivals while earning her film degree at the University of Colorado. She spent a year touring with a Vaudeville show, which included a 3-week run at the New Victory Theater in New York. After five years working in Reality TV as a Writer’s Assistant and Associate Producer, she made the move to Los Angeles and took a job with the Sundance Institute while also working as a freelance writer, producer and script supervisor for film and TV. She is currently the Manager for the Sundance Co//ab Online Community and is a frequent contributor with online publications such as Ms. In The Biz, We Do It Together, The Drill, Women in Horror, and The Wrap.

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  • Disability Representation in Film: Catching up with Filmmakers Rachel Handler and Catriona Rubenis-Stevens

    Disability Representation in Film: Catching up with Filmmakers Rachel Handler and Catriona Rubenis-Stevens0

    The 2021 Easterseals Disability Film Challenge, currently streaming online, is seeking to expand what audiences know – or perhaps think they know – about the representation of disabilities in the film industry. I was lucky enough to catch up with two talented women whose short film, So You Wanna Be An Actor, is currently featured. So You

  • The Rise of the Narrative Podcast

    The Rise of the Narrative Podcast0

    Darra Stone is a Los Angeles based producer with experience creating audio and visual content
    in over 50 countries on 6 six continents. She’s currently a Production Manager for CurtCo Media Labs’ first foray into the narrative podcast world as well as a producer for an upcoming travel
    based podcast. Her previous work includes CBS Radio as well as producing and hosting her
    own podcast, Creativity in Confines. Whether she’s flying in a plane or up in an aerial yoga hammock, she’s always happiest with both feet firmly off the ground.