Autobiography August: Where in the World is Home?

Autobiography August: Where in the World is Home?

A review of SUNSHINE GIRL: AN UNEXPECTED LIFE by Julianna Margulies.

Despite being a book fiend, I rarely find myself reaching for anything categorized as Autobiography or Memoir. So, in planning my monthly book themes for the year, I set Autobiography August as a challenge for myself. I’m glad to report that after soaking in SUNSHINE GIRL: AN UNEXPECTED LIFE by Julianna Margulies, there will certainly be more of the genre on my future reading lists. Margulies weaves a beautiful tapestry of her life, reflecting on her challenging childhood with honesty and warmth, threading genuine humor throughout, and ultimately crowning it all with gratitude. 

Margulies spent her childhood and adolescence frequently moving to new places all over the world, a similarity with my own childhood which initially drew me to the book. She recounts how each move affected her and the ways that she grew in each new place. She’s deeply honest about how she wanted to fit in, desperate to belong somewhere, to feel at home, and I was touched by the empathy with which Margulies embraces her younger self.

The audiobook is made even more magical by Margulies’ golden narration. It was a delight to walk with her through her rising fame on ER and The Good Wife and end up on her porch in New York, admiring the view, grateful for everything that brought her to this place. My heart was warmed by her rays of sunshine, and I think yours will be too.

Buy it HERE.

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