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Banned Media Podcast | 003 GG Allin



We take a look back at the infamous GG Allin. Punk rocker extraordinaire who’s live shows made him the most offensive man in punk.

Show Notes: GG Allin music: Buster Poindexter, Hot, Hot, Hot: Hated: GG Allin & The Murder Junkies: John Wayne Gacy’s poster art: GG Allin’s funeral: The Allins: Don’t forget to subscribe. Follow me on Twitter: @RonnieUrsenbach Facebook: @BannedMediaPodcast Instagram: @BannedMediaPodcast or send e-mail to

Marc Hampson is a DGA Director, independent filmmaker, composer, artist, and the XY partner at Little Sister Entertainment. He is a founding member of Brotherhood Picutures, LLC, and Little Brother Sight & Sound.

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