Best Relatable SNL Sketch Dropped This Weekend And It’s Peak Generation War Fodder

Best Relatable SNL Sketch Dropped This Weekend And It’s Peak Generation War Fodder

So many great pieces, but this one actually HURTS. Just listen to the lyrics (but don’t shoot the messenger, take the comments to your own feeds).

“Job, retired. Climate denier. License expired. But we still on fire!”


This vid doesn’t hold anything back. The lyrics feel too true and yet if I share it on social media, it’ll likely start a ridiculous comment thread from my parent’s friends. So, I’m sharing it here.

“Crash the economy three whole times, but when it comes to the vax, we the first in line.”

SNL’s “Boomers Got the Vax” Lyrics excerpt

SNL’s team is killing it (especially with pre-recorded sketches). Maybe the pressure is off since the election is over? Perhaps the pandemic peak having past allows for more cathartic pop-culture fun? Maybe they are hitting their stride with new cast members? Some live sketches are still falling flat in the last few weeks, but this collection below is their best work from the last few years.

“Voted for Trump but just for the taxes, don’t believe in Covid, still got the vaxes.”


Here are a few more vids to give you some giggles

Educational, incredibly relevant, and something to talk about with your peers:

Relatable, I know you’ve already watched it, but you should prooooobably watch it again:

Soooo gross it’s ACTUALLY important:

Spoon full of sugar and a whole lotta tea:

And one more just for fun:

I think this is the best Season of the last few years. Prove me wrong: @JennicaRenee on IG

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