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Bo Burnham Is Giving Us His Everything And The Internet Is Giving Back Big



His youthful identity and years long love for America’s teens and internet culture has culminated in a NETFLIX Special that is not too late, it’s just right. It’s timely because NOTHING about the perils of these last 15 months is over for the mental health of EVERYONE who actively took care of the community through harrowing and painful isolation in front of a handheld screen. He gives us some hilarious joy and extreme wonder into his cinematic exploration, but what he really gives us is the brave and raw view inside. The thing that no one witnessed, we get to witness in him. Loneliness is hard to make entertaining, he gave us everything. Now the internet is serving it back at him.

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Filmed over a year during the pandemic, Inside is a superb achievement in comedy and production. Burnham gained his fame through the now-defunct Vine, and fans of his quick six-second comedy will be happy with the humor in this special. In 2019, Burnham won the best original screenplay at the Writers Guild of America awards for his 2018 critical hit Eighth Grade.

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Here’s the thing: You need to be ready to watch. The content warning is suicide, isolation, depression. The best place to watch is curled up on the couch on an actual TV. The best situation is to watch beginning to end with a loved one. It’s a musical. A really good musical.

One of the most encouraging developments in comedy over the past decade has been the growing directorial ambition of stand-up specials. It’s folly to duplicate the feel of a live set, so why not fully adjust to the screen and try to make something as visually ambitious as a feature?

At the forefront of this shift has been Bo Burnham, one of YouTube earliest stars, who went on to make his own innovative specials with satirical songs backed by theatrical lighting and disembodied voices. In recent years, he has begun directing other comics’ specials, staging stand-up sets by Chris Rock and Jerrod Carmichael with his signature extreme close-ups.

His virtuosic new special, “Inside” (on Netflix), pushes this trend further, so far that it feels as if he has created something entirely new and unlikely, both sweepingly cinematic and claustrophobically intimate, a Zeitgeist-chasing musical comedy made alone to an audience of no one. It’s a feat, the work of a gifted experimentalist whose craft has caught up to his talent. And while it’s an ominous portrait of the isolation of the pandemic, there’s hope in its existence: Written, designed and shot by Burnham over the last year inside a single room, it illustrates that there’s no greater inspiration than limitations.

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One of my favorite ways the internet gives back is inspired and unique fan art. This is love in the best sense. This is time, dedication, and takes courage to even share. Inspiring.

Watch Bo Burnham’s INSIDE on NETFLIX HERE

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