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BUT What Do The Kids Think Of These Movies though? You Wouldn’t Guess



The Mitchells Vs The Machines, NETFLIX

Reviewer: 8 year-old girl

“I really like movies about apocalypses. I used to play apocalypse at recess all the time. It was, like, computer animated but, yet, also it was, like, made with drawing at the same time.”

Tom and Jerry

Reviewer: 7 year old boy

“I loved it! It was very good. And Tom was really silly when he was gliding like Batman and he fell on the ground and then I think his fingers got smashed. Then he fell on the ground and Jerry was like ‘uggh!’ It was a funny movie. I liked it a lot.”


Reviewer: 4 year old girl

What was your favorite part of the movie?

“When da ending happened”

What else did you like?

“I like when he’s in da water. I like Luca’s Mom. I like Luca’s friends.”

Who did you see the movie with?

“Luca and da mom and da dad.”

Wish Dragon, NETFLIX

Reviewer: 9 year old girl

“Wish dragon’s really cool. It’s about this guy. He has a best friend but then his best friend moves away and she becomes famous. But he goes on this whole adventure to find her. And there’s this dragon and a teapot and bad guys and it’s really awesome!”

Honestly, You Can Insert Any Movie Title HERE

Reviewer: 2 year old boy

What was your favorite part of the movie?

*Rubs eyes*

Did you have a favorite character?

*Blinks. Grabs toy truck”

Would you recommend the movie?

*Wipes nose and walks away*

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