Can You Identify These Disney Classics Without Their Love Stories?

Can You Identify These Disney Classics Without Their Love Stories?

I love having access to Disney+! Can you name these CLASSIC Disney movies I’m rewatching with my kids?

Let me know how you score!

  1. Victim of domestic violence sneaks out for one night only to be found out and locked up until authorities arrive and demand release for their own purposes.
  2. After an assassination attempt against a young monarch, another plot is put in motion and ultimately succeeds in destroying both the evil mastermind and the target, luckily the young monarch recovers through the help of a neighboring monarch.
  3. Coming-of-age drama about a child of personal tragedy and natural disaster relying on and investing in community until proven resilience develops into a leadership position.
  4. Tween socialite seeks out adventure only to discover that a wild world is far beyond her desired lifestyle.
  5. Social outcast negotiates a prisoner exchange to replace a loved one in captivity and finds acceptance in her imprisoned community for her contribution to their counter cultural lifestyle.
  6. Ambitious and cunning, a social pariah infiltrates the top echelon of government and once settled, this con-artist discovers a way to stop a violent overthrow of the government.
  7. Misguided child of a monarch becomes an easy pawn in a coup d’état by a power-hungry human trafficker keeping a menagerie of enslaved citizens. All is restored through an alliance with an enemy kingdom formed by the child of the monarch and a young new ruler of that neighboring kingdom.
  8. After a familial overthrow of the monarchy, the banished Heir is convinced to come back and restore peace after a journey of multi-cultural exposure and heritage education.
  9. Growing up in witness protection, a rural country youth is lulled back into a decades long plot against their family and is captured only to be eventually recovered and restored to power by the next generation of trained warriors of a neighboring kingdom.
  10. Rejecting expectations and usurping family authority, an unskilled youth defrauds government officials and once discovered, is sentenced to death. All is restored by dedicated civil service in protection of their country’s top officials.

Okay, you get it, that was fun. You can have the answers now.

  1. Cinderella
  2. Snow White
  3. Bambi
  4. Alice in Wonderland
  5. Beauty And The Beast
  6. Aladdin
  7. The Little Mermaid
  8. The Lion King
  9. Sleeping Beauty
  10. Mulan

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