Did You Ask For A Pedro Pascal Appreciation Post?

Did You Ask For A Pedro Pascal Appreciation Post?

I could write about his acting in detail ALL DAY LONG, but I don’t think anyone clicking on this post wants to read that at all.

Chilean-born Pedro Pascal is always the RIGHT amount of energy and appeal in every single role. And, you can quote me on this, the market will never be too saturated with Pedro Pascal. I’m not the only one doing Pedro Pascal appreciation posts either, so get on board and memorize his face because you’re definitely gonna be seeing a lot more of him in the coming years. At least that’s my hope.

Wonder Woman 1984 
Maxwell Lord is OUT OF CONTROL! But it’s perfect. Just so so perfect. If you haven’t sat down for 2 hours of pure 80’s tastic fun, do it for the Pascal goodness. He is slimy and made my skin crawl. And I still liked every second he was on screen. Pretty safe for most ages, on HBO Max Now.

We Can Be Heroes 
Marcus Moreno is a Hero, perfectly put. He has this wonderful Father energy that I cannot not love. When he thanks his Mom for her help, I just wanna hug this sweet sweet man. Watch it with young kids on Netflix.

The Mandalorian (TV Series) 
There is nothing to say. This show is perfection. Binge it on Disney+ right away.

Narcos (TV Series) 
Javier Peña is the first work I started to keep track of Pascal and took note of all the other work I had seen him in. This was the first show I pulled up IMDb and learned his name. Binge it on Netflix.

Game of Thrones (TV Series) 
Oberyn Martell is sexy and …mesmerizing. I said it. Binge it on HBO if you are the only person who hasn’t done so just yet.

If this isn’t enough for ya, keep up the Pascal dosage with his Insta

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