Do You Know The One Thing That Musicians Do Better Than Actors?

Do You Know The One Thing That Musicians Do Better Than Actors?

I love reviewing music, movies, books, everything! Absorbing carefully crafted and thoughtful content and being able to really dig deep to express what this art made me feel. It is difficult to put it into words sometimes, but that’s really my job here.

I am here to translate my experience to give an educated recommendation for what you may want to digest in order to enrich your life in the ways these projects have enriched my life.

So, I reach out to musicians and ask their reps (or them directly, I love indies) and usually receive 1-2 really abstract branded pieces of art that make a review article POP on the screen. I can get a vague sense or feel of the music just by looking at the photo. Sometimes I can even feel a big emotion in a high contrast lead photo. I can even jump to wild conclusions that the more abstract and stylized the photo, the better handle on the musician’s ability to translate their emotions in multiple mediums. I believe the musician is more talented by the branding material I am sent.

It’s not necessarily true. But that’s how it makes me feel. And I gotta be honest, I don’t have this experience with actors when I spotlight their career and their work.

Actors have a great sense of branding of self. I get sent headshots and an occasional screen grab from a project. But a lead photo that was chosen based on how attractive the subject is… well, it is boring. This isn’t a LinkedIn Profile picture type site. In fact, if you WOULD use the photo for your LinkedIn Profile, don’t send it to me. That does not really give me a sense of who you are. I want lifestyle and editorial photos with high contrast and a stylized theme. I want your screen grabs to be dynamic. I want to feel something- even if it isn’t right. I was want to FEEL with my eyes. I want my eyes to get my heart involved.

That’s all ya gotta do. Give me something to feel. That’s why I’m here absorbing art. I love it and I want others to love your work. I want to put you out there in the world. Because sharing is caring. And I care a LOT about art.

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