Erica Barry Begs Creatives To Give Up Preciousness And Perfectionism As Failure Is “Inevitable” In DON’T WAIT, CREATE

Erica Barry Begs Creatives To Give Up Preciousness And Perfectionism As Failure Is “Inevitable” In DON’T WAIT, CREATE

Interview with Erica Barry (she/her), author of Don’t Wait, Create.

“When she’s not taking the creative world by storm, she’s celebrating the work of her fellow creators. When she realized that more mainstream creators were getting their starts on platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok, she went looking for a guidebook, only to find that there wasn’t one. Therefore, she set out to write her debut book, Don’t Wait, Create: How to Be A Content Creator in the New Digital Revolution.”

Erica Barry is a media strategist, entertainment industry professional, writer, and digital content creator. She desires to inspire creatives to get up and do what they’re dreaming about! Growing up in Washington D.C., she loved watching early YouTubers like Ryan Higa and Jenna Marbles – and watching digital media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok transform the entertainment industry.

Barry: “I went to Pomona College where I majored in economics and minored in media studies. I enjoyed learning about the powerful relationship between media and culture, and the capacity of readily accessible digital media platforms to inspire social change.

It is an exciting time to be working in media because things are changing rapidly! There is so much going on in the world of content creation, streaming and digital media, and I hope to continue learning and growing in this new and exciting area.” 

“Pursuing acting opportunities in Los Angeles, Barry gained experience with the traditional audition process, but that path is becoming less and less viable today. With a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, the digital revolution has made it possible for aspiring artists to bring their own creative visions to life. In just months, Barry was able to leverage the lessons she outlines in her book to grow her social media following exponentially.”

Erica Barry Wants to Empower the Next Generation of Content Creators

How do creators even get started? There is so much excitement around the magical social media skyrocket to a platform that pays the bills. But that overwhelming sense of “What should it be?” and “What should I do?” creates a barrier to ever beginning.

Barry: “…During the global pandemic, with very few new shows and movies to watch, I found myself consuming digital content: memes, TikToks, and YouTube videos, as my primary form of entertainment. This inspired me to write Don’t Wait, Create, which provides a roadmap to digital content creation and finding one’s creative voice while highlighting the journeys of successful digital creators like Bo Burnham, Chloe Fineman, Jimmy Tatro, and many others.”

Barry: “I applied lots of the techniques described in my book to get it written. My advice for any creative work, whether it’s writing a book, creating content, etc., is to stop waiting.  The best way to learn is through trial and error and through making creativity a habit. It’s so easy to let perfectionism and the fear of failure prevent you from even starting. When writing Don’t Wait, Create, I put this to the test by setting a timer for an hour of judgment-free writing time per day. After a few weeks of this, I could feel the writing process getting exponentially easier. So, abandon your misgivings, your preciousness, and your perfectionism, and let your true self shine through your content.”

Actionable tips, ideas yet to be imagined, and thoughtful commentary on the road already travelled awaits you and your creative community. The foreword is written by Selina Ringel, an actress and producer I met at the world premiere of THE BEST PEOPLE at Dances With Films. Selina Ringel is an award winning writer, producer, comedian, and AFI graduate – AND a huge supporter of content creation!

“That habit of creation is something that’s heavily emphasized throughout the book. Barry feels that for many new content creators, the most difficult thing is just getting started. She believes that aspiring creators need to embrace the idea that failure is an inevitable part of the creative process.”

Erica Barry Wants to Empower the Next Generation of Content Creators

“We live in an era where a single person can build a larger platform than some of the world’s biggest companies. Don’t Wait, Create sheds light on how the world is changing around us.”

Max Levine, Founder of Amp Studios, Forbes 30 Under 30 2021 Social Media

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