FICTION FOR THE FIRESIDE: Can You Twist A Tale As Old As Time?

FICTION FOR THE FIRESIDE: Can You Twist A Tale As Old As Time?

A review of BY THE BOOK by Jasmine Guillory.

If you’re anything like me, cool winter weather calls for cozying up by the fireside with a comforting fairytale romance. This year I chose BY THE BOOK by Jasmine Guillory, a modern-day reimagining of Beauty and the Beast. Rather than a beat-by-beat retelling in contemporary clothes, Guillory’s loving homage to the classic tale is an enchanting romance unto itself. BY THE BOOK will warm your heart with its refreshing twist on the beloved “tale as old as time” (thankfully, sans the Stockholm syndrome).

The book is primarily from the point of view of Isabelle, an editorial assistant at a publishing house who, a year into the job, is struggling to find joy in work that was once her dream. In an attempt to professionally step up, she volunteers to pay a visit to author Beau Towers, a jaded celebrity wildcard who is long overdue on delivering a manuscript for his memoir. However, her initial check-in turns into an extended stay as she helps Beau push past the blocks that previously prevented him from writing the book. The process renews Isabelle’s love of writing and, of course, through books and baking, surfing and sunshine, as she and Beau spend time together a true love connection begins to bloom.

This closed-door romance is a warm-hearted Happily Ever After about the importance of being honest about the story you’ve had and the story you dream of having. And don’t worry, it still grandly stars a library to be envied by book lovers everywhere.

Buy it HERE.

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