Finally Caved: PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Answers The Call “God Help Her”

Finally Caved: PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN Answers The Call “God Help Her”

Some of *us* really cannot watch movies with these types of stories. Assault is serious. *Content Warnings* are a BIG deal and I stayed away. But I gave in and this piece has NO SPOILERS.

Cassandra: “…he’s getting married?”

Ryan: “I know, God Help Her.”

Who’s “he”? You know who he is.

A young woman, traumatized by a tragic event in her past, seeks out vengeance against those who crossed her path.

I’m using kid gloves. No spoilers. PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN follows two different movies that intersect: A kind-hearted Rom-Com with a post-trauma main character AND a super heroine movie about vigilante justice. Yes, I think Batman would approve.

Carey Mulligan (Pride & Prejudice, The Great Gatsby)’s “Cassandra” is mesmerizing. Not at all psychotic. She is my Batman. Her character helps me process difficult concepts without shame.

The PLOT thickens. A systematic list unfolds. Director Emerald Fennell takes care to keep it simple. Bo Burnham (Eighth Grade, The Big Sick)’s “Ryan” gives a notable performance. Jennifer Coolidge (American Pie, Best in Show)’s “Susan” is probably my favorite. She’s real. This is the first time I really saw Ms. Coolidge the way I hoped to see her. Laverne Cox (Orange Is the New Black, Doubt)’s “Gail” is a delight. It felt like Director Emerald Fennell‘s team hand-picked a team we wanted to see tell this story.

Steel yourself. This is a painful watch. But it’s important. This is important.


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