How To Have A Laugh-Out-Loud Date Night This Weekend

How To Have A Laugh-Out-Loud Date Night This Weekend

Filmmaker and MAKING MOVIES IS HARD!!! Podcast co-host, Liz Manashil, specializes in feminist content with a whimsical twist.

You’ll need to catch up on the works of San Rafael native and USC grad, Liz Manashil. Manashil stayed in Los Angeles building a family after film school, blessing the world with wonderfully interesting films including 2020 release SPEED OF LIFE. Which is why I bring you to her table today to learn all about her works. Do yourself a favor and grab a glass of wine, a blanket, a household dweller (person or pet or stuffed animal) to cuddle, and enjoy this unique feature that I can only describe as: A cuddle movie.

Post-graduation, Liz spent several years directing for the PBS/Hulu series “Just Seen It.” She’s made shorts, features, as well as co-hosts a hit podcast (details of her promising career found at

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Indie Filmmakers are having an extra tough time with their entire industry on hold and no end in sight. There are small opportunities for some cast and crew members to get back to work on big budget sets, but many indie films in development are on pause for the moment. This is a moment for personal growth. Liz understands exactly what it means to keep pushing yourself to grow.

“I’m hoping I can care less what people think, and compare my success less to the successes of others. I’m also hoping to enjoy socializing a lot more since we’ve been deprived of so much of that this year.” 

-Liz Manashil
Jeff Perry and Ann Dowd in SPEED OF LIFE

Clear one evening this weekend for something special. It’s time to Watch SPEED OF LIFE. Manashil’s unquestionably Bowie-tastic 2020 Sci-Fi and Relationship release.

“delightful in just about every way”

-Tim Cogshell, noted film critic (of NPR’s “FilmWeek”)
Ray Santiago in SPEED OF LIFE

“While David Bowie’s 2016 death hit millions of fans hard, for one couple in the new film Speed of Life, it literally left an absence in their lives…, the superstar’s death forever shakes up the lives of June (Allison Tolman) and Edward (Ray Santiago), by literally ripping a hole in the universe and sucking in Edward.

Fast forward 24 years, and an older June (Ann Dowd) is shocked to find her once-lover shot back out of this inter-dimensional portal, unchanged from his entry in 2016. The ensemble, according to an official description, “struggles to understand the extreme ch-ch-changes that have befallen them” in this dramedy.”

Rachel Yang, Entertainment Weekly

AFTER YOU WATCH SPEED OF LIFE: Curl up with another fun-filled awkward fest with The Orchard’s BREAD AND BUTTER, Manashil’s anti-romantic comedy feature film debut. HelloGiggles called it,

“an absolute must-watch for women everywhere.”

I would add that men enjoy it immensely as well!

“Here is a well-thought-out slice of life rarely seen with such honesty. We can afford to laugh at the absurdities before us, but there is also a hint of sadness as well. A constant reminder that Manashil wants to do more than just tell a story. Like its title, “Bread and Butter” has that delightful sustaining element that holds our attention and eventually delivers more than a satisfying end.”

– Ray Schillaci, The Movie Guys

Despite her big successes in BREAD AND BUTTER and SPEED OF LIFE, Liz has had her share of setbacks in getting her next feature up and running. Something with which many filmmakers can identify.

“I’m happy to always talk about my latest and upcoming feature LADY PARTS. LADY PARTS was slated for production back in June [2020] but due to the pandemic, we didn’t feel we could safely make the film at this time. It’s an amazing film inspired by the real life of our lead actress, Devin Sidell. It involves cancer, puppets, dysfunctional families and a lot of Patrick Swayze references for some reason. I’m very proud to be associated with it.”

-Liz Manashil

I’m honored to get to know Filmmaker Liz Manashil better. I’m inspired by the works she’s chosen and all the hats she wears. Anyone who knows me knows that I have a particularly soft spot in my heart for filmmakers who give back and who are transparent about the process. Giving so much in her podcast and her openness about her works with me made me all warm and smooshy inside. Much like how I feel watching her works on the screen. I highly recommend following Liz Manashil and keeping up-to-date with whimsical and unique works you’ll want to share with family and friends. LADY PARTS updates can be found here:

  • @LizManashil on Twitter or 
  • @LizManashilfilm on instagram

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