How To Mix It Up For Family Game Night #275

How To Mix It Up For Family Game Night #275

2020 hasn’t been so bad for me because I really like staying home in my sweatpants. Here are my top 5 family games this year, in no particular order.

I’m Daniella Martin. I live in Spokane, WA with my husband, daughters, cats, and a brand new puppy. We are Covid-Homeschoolers who love to play games. My husband and I enjoy all sorts of board games and he recently got me into Magic the Gathering. #NerdLevelAchieved.

  1. Cards Against Humanity- Family Edition, Click to order
  • We printed an early version of this- and yes, you should go through the cards beforehand and remove ones that aren’t appropriate for *your* kids. 
  • Mood: Hilarious!
  • Best Ages: 6-tweens 
  • What I like most about this game: Permission to laugh, as a family, about poop and farts. 
  1. Cat and Mouth, Click to order
  • This is a brand new game that’s fast to learn, quick to play, and comes with a spotify playlist. 
  • Mood: Focused Fun- Hand-Eye Coordination is a must.
  • Best Ages: 5 and up
  • What I like: The box is the game, and it comes with extra pieces because you will lose some. 
  1. Sushi Go, Click to order
  • Simple card game about matching ridiculously cute sushi
  • Mood: Calm
  • Ages: 7+
  • What I like: Pretty art, easy to learn, a short game.
  1. Castle Panic, Click to order
  • Keep the bad guys from attacking your castle!
  • Mood: A little strategy with a hint of panic.
  • Ages: 6+ 
  • What I like most: It’s cooperative, and your kids don’t need reading skills because you all play with your cards showing. 
  1. Tenzi, Click to order
  • Fast, dice matching game.
  • Mood: Fast, silly, did I mention fast?
  • Ages: At what age can your kid differentiate the sides of dice?
  • What I like most: My ADHD kid always likes to play this game because there’s no waiting for turns, everyone plays at the same time and it’s very fast. 

Bonus: Planet, Click to order

  • Use a magnetic ball to attach land pieces so your “planet” is habitable for different species. 
  • Mood: Strategic but moves quickly.
  • Ages: 9+
  • What I like most: Younger kids who can’t read can still play, but the strategy needed to look ahead can be interesting for the older kids. Also the 3-D aspect of your playing space is very fun. 

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