How To Stay-At-Home in Isolation with HELLO AND GOODBYE

How To Stay-At-Home in Isolation with HELLO AND GOODBYE

Grab a bottle of wine, some cozy lounge wear, maybe some ice cream, and hide your phone. You’ll especially want to remember that movies are not real life… or do they just imitate it or the other way around? Because this one is too real to tell the difference. And it’ll have you reaching for a quick text to an old lover.

Peter Weidman is one of my favorite actors because his boyish charm, quick wit, and emotional availability keeps me entertained through every single character he brings to life. He is unquestionably his most handsome in this casual role as he towers over the sweet and down-to-Earth yet full-of-life Tybee Diskin. Diskin shines in this role as she pivots effortlessly from open-to-possibilities to showing us the scars of all those past destroyed possibilities. Their chemistry is undeniable and their work is stellar. Enjoy this true stay-at-home COVID romance. Break-ups and all.

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