How To Talk About End-Of-Life Decisions Without Bringing It Up: Watch HERE AWHILE

How To Talk About End-Of-Life Decisions Without Bringing It Up: Watch HERE AWHILE

Written by a medical doctor, Csaba Mera, and highlighting Oregon’s Death with Dignity Act, this crash course in adulting and ‘trauma doesn’t excuse you from growing’ is an important watch for people who may be uncomfortable confronting big issues like Cancer, childhood trauma, caring for people with medical and social considerations, and peeking into the most private moments of a person’s life – their very last moments.

I sat with my Mom and watched HERE AWHILE starring Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect), Joe Lo Truglio (Brooklyn 99), and Steven Strait (The Covenant) and had a good ugly cry. Distributed by 1091 Media and produced by Deborah Lee Smith, this Portland made indie film does what every young person hopes a film could do for them: Bridge the conversation starter naturally from “Hey, wanna watch a movie” to “Do you have any end-of-life decisions I should know about?” all while delivering an entertaining and soulful story about a sister and brother reconnecting over tragedy. It’s not just a bummer, I promise. There is SO much more to the characters than just what’s happening TO them, falling in love with Joe Lo Truglio and his portrayal of a caring Atypical neighbor is really a testament to the depth of his heart. He is all heart in this film. I need to see more Joe Lo Truglio in award contenders, he’s a joy to watch.

Still from HERE AWHILE Out Now

Anna Camp always delivers a pristine and calculated performance, but she soars as a messy human with all the pain and vulnerability of a person forced to deal with the unimaginable after a tough life on her own. Although she doesn’t bring the typical tough exterior or edge you’d see in a character having experienced homelessness for a decent amount of her formative years, she does deliver the artistic center of people who kept their love of poetry and art through those tough times, believably coming back to herself nearing her end-of-life transition.

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