HULU’s “Still Missing Morgan” Docuseries Digs Into Law Enforcement Response And The Case For Still Searching

HULU’s “Still Missing Morgan” Docuseries Digs Into Law Enforcement Response And The Case For Still Searching


A glimpse into law enforcement’s process, an unthinkable tragedy, and a reminder to protect your mental health in the face of an unjust world. And perhaps a comfort to the victims of unsolved tragedies.

Moving interviews and understated yet powerful reenactments make for a fascinating narrative, unfolding reality at an appropriate pace. The series is sprinkled with interesting scientific tools and good ol’ fashioned time spent exploring evidence. There are surprising turns in how the family continues their efforts as well as strategy from law enforcement to find the one missing child they were never able to locate. The series seems hopeless, but delivers more education and food for thought on why keeping hope may be the key to continuing on as a family. And the mother of Morgan points out that there is a lot to learn from her family tragedy, for communities, families, and law enforcement response. And this series is evidence of that.

Ridley Scott To Produce True-Crime Docuseries ‘Still Missing Morgan, by Peter White, For Hulu With ABC News Studios, “Ridley Scott and his Scott Free Productions.. Still Missing Morgan documents two parallel kidnapping cold cases as investigators uncover new leads in the case of missing six year old Morgan Nick, two decades after disappearing. The series, which will air on the streamer on February 16, tells the story of the tragedy that struck the Nick family when 6-year-old Morgan Nick vanished while playing just a few feet from her mother, Collen Nick, in the summer of 1995. Colleen found solace in Patty Wetterling, whose son Jacob had gone missing six years prior. Two decades later, Still Missing Morgan explores the cases of Morgan and Jacob as their grief-stricken mothers continue to search for answers. It follows the new investigators who reexamined the Morgan Nick case in 2020, leading to the first dramatic shift in the investigation in 25 years.  The series also includes exclusive footage of a search led by the FBI Evidence Recovery Team, which changes the trajectory of the investigation and helps name the most-likely abductor. In addition, Colleen Nick and Patty Wetterling recall their chillingly parallel experiences of losing a child and what it has been like living without answers.”

Director Devon Parks (The Riot Act, Step Into: Miss Laura’s) delivers a substantial and moving investigation, with great care – without a hint of exploitation. Cinematographer Travis Joiner (The Riot Act, American Airgunner) crafts a cinematic and authentic Arkansas experience. I felt deeply connected to the people and their earnest efforts.

In June of 1995, Morgan Chauntel Nick was abducted from a little league ballpark in Alma, AR. Starting in 2019, cameras follow the Nick family and Detectives for the entire 24th year of Morgan’s disappearance, revealing exclusive interviews and information around an unprecedented abduction investigation. (IMDb)

The aim of these projects is to actively hold our system accountable AND collect leads at Please submit a tip if you have one.

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