Indie Comedy Specials Are WORTH IT – THROUPLE Special Out Now

Indie Comedy Specials Are WORTH IT – THROUPLE Special Out Now

Not Safe For Work, seriously.

Watch this clever and adorable stand-up special NOW. I LOVE a catchy and memorable hook – something for each part of your personality! Everyone loves a good throuple. And I know your curiosity is piqued-

I know what you’re thinking: I hope this special has an ‘advanced’ kink dating story. Welp, you’re in luck. This special has some spectacular left turns you’re sure to enjoy.

Learn more about Joseph Schles:

The best part of a special like this is that it is short, easy to digest, and introduces you to 3 comedians to follow online for more of their style of humor. I love a good wine tasting. I respond to all 3 of these comics, they are very well paired. Becky Yamamoto is the cutest. Joseph Schles tells the best stories. And Grey DeLisle is relatable (and ageless). But to be honest, they are all cute and charismatic, exactly what you want in a special.

Learn more about Becky Yamamoto HERE

I recommend putting out snacks, pile on the couch with 2-3 friends, and host a casual comedy night in your living room (I know you can pull up YouTube on your TV). SUPPORT INDIE CREATORS, so start with THROUPLE, then here are a few that I recommend putting on afterwards if this is your style of comedy (sexy, light, sandwiched)!

I think you’ll enjoy this pairing. You’re welcome!

Now, Learn more about the YouTube THROUPLE Comedy Special HERE:

  • Produced by – Grey DeLisle Directed by – Neuman Mannas
  • Photography by – Andrew Levy
  • Camera Operators – Derek Blythe & Zavy
  • Creative Consultant – Melinda Hill
  • Filmed at The Yard Theater in Los Angeles, California
  • “Forty-somethin’ Runaway” appears courtesy of Hummin’bird Records. Written and performed by Grey DeLisle (featuring Cherie Currie)

Learn more about Grey DeLisle HERE (she’s amazing!)

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