Is there a Thanksgiving Movie? Yes! FROZEN 2, It’s Never Too Late To Watch

Is there a Thanksgiving Movie? Yes! FROZEN 2, It’s Never Too Late To Watch

This one is a MUCH darker movie than FROZEN, but in a way that leads to really important conversations.

Disney tackles Indigenous story elements as they intersect with neighboring nations. And they actually choose to tell the truth of how fearful power-hungry nations have invaded and destroyed whole cultures, dooming humanity to be at the mercy of the elements instead of in harmony with nature. We see Anna and Elsa reject and condemn the actions of their Grandfather. We see many attempts at showcasing positive choices after the devastation of not-very-explicit hint at genocide. It’s not perfect (not even close), but they had a message and you’ll be delighted to have a conversation starter for kids about these tough subjects. It is a Thanksgiving movie in that these conversations come up in school-aged curriculum at this time of year. So, it counts. And it’s very obviously Autumn in the film. Very cozy.

There are hints at other types of story lines and even a bazillion threads on what exactly happens to Elsa (I’m in the darkest camp). It’s not just another fun musical, this is a movie that younger kids will be referring to as their first big movie attempting to address Indigenous issues (even if from the outside, a white-centered story). AND this is a movie where I can attest had some of my biggest emotional experiences in a theater (upon my 2nd or 3rd viewing). This movie is a good one to repeat and unpack over and over.

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