Los Angeles Event: Alamo Drafthouse Premieres Satisfying Mystery-Thriller GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS

Los Angeles Event: Alamo Drafthouse Premieres Satisfying Mystery-Thriller GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS

*Low-Spoiler Review*

Sunday February 6th at 8p, catch: “The mystery-thriller — directed by Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long — stars Thomas Hobson, Phil Morris, Tara Perry, Tim Blake Nelson, Angela Bettis, and David Arquette. It debuted on Digital and On Demand on February 3, 2022.


In post-Civil War Arkansas, a young doctor is mysteriously summoned to a remote town in the Ozarks only to discover that the utopian paradise is filled with secrets and surrounded by a menacing, supernatural presence.” (Click HERE To Buy Tickets)

Stand-out performances:

Thomas Hobson, as James ‘Doc’ McCune, is the fish-out-of-water in a land of mystery. He is too smart for his own good, never satisfied with what he’s been told, and compassionate to a fault. His performance is filtered through a lens of a tortured past, never truly letting his guard down to enjoy this unique haven. He is thoughtful, curious, and easy to adore. Tara Perry, as Annie, is mesmerizing to watch. She has an elegance to her grit and often a glint of a secret up her sleeve. She instantly feels like the key to the mystery of the lore. Phil Morris, as Matthew McCune, is commanding, cunning, and someone you can root for in all of the suspected deceit. Even in his darkest moments, his grand schemes are worth considering.

In the cast & crew QnA after the premiere, Thomas Hobson describes Phil Morris as a class act, a genuinely kind legend, and an inspiring team player. Thomas goes on to describe how their opposing characters’ ideologies have the same end-game. These post-civil-war Black men in the South privately dissect each other in the name of what is true, moral, and just. Their familial bond, even in the racist horrors of 1866 Ozarks, will never be strong enough to unite them in action towards their common desires. They have different experiences, no matter how monolithic Black men are often labeled at that or any other time.

Characters that keep you enchanted:

Tim Blake Nelson ALWAYS A PLEASURE ON SCREEN, as Torb, blazes the quirky landscape for us to enjoy. Never taking himself too seriously, this charmer makes us fall in love with Norfork. Angela Bettis, as Lucille, is the belle of the community, holding our attention every moment she is on screen. Her stoicism and thick cloaked nerves of steel reveals a village past that gives more intrigue than answers. David Arquette, as Douglas, uses Arquette’s natural unpredictable cadence to surprise us with bits of joy, relaxation, and eventually great sadness. He is delicate in his approach, so vulnerable that any harm that befalls him hurts deeper than you can imagine.


I felt the absence of camera storytelling, which was made up in music, tone, and lore. I felt the lack of scope was almost cured with a few moments where we saw the village from afar as it operated, teaming with life before its mirrored moment teaming with tragedy. I enjoyed the film overall for its strong interesting script, world-building, character development, and stellar art. The thought and care seen here blows other independent movies of its size out of the water. The imaginative twists and unfolding was very satisfying. I highly recommend you curl up to watch it right away.

Check it out this Sunday February 6th at 8p at the LA Alamo Drafthouse or from the comfort of your own home HERE:

Click To Watch GHOSTS OF THE OZARKS on your couch!

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