MAKE IT Podcast | IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen

MAKE IT Podcast | IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen

How to Get Creative, Address Your Audience, and Make Money as a Filmmaker – A Conversation w/ IndieFlix CEO Scilla Andreen

“Hello, Indie Creatives! In this episode, we have a conversation with the Co-Founder and CEO of IndieFlix, Scilla Andreen. We discuss how a chance catering job transformed into a career in film, her time working on the Wonder Years, her platform for Indie Creatives, IndieFlix, her new film ‘Race,’ her new book ‘The Creative Coping Toolkit’, and the future of streaming and distribution. Enjoy!”

MAKE IT is a weekly conversation with independent film creatives that help aspiring professionals in Film get where they’re going faster by dissecting the advice, knowledge, and insights of professional creatives in the film industry.

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