Marlon Wayans Has The BEST Chris Rock Commentary on HBO

Marlon Wayans Has The BEST Chris Rock Commentary on HBO

Grounded, realistic, and *almost* understated. Almost.

Grounded. Real. And fascinating history behind the relationships no one knew about.

In an all-new hour-long special, comedy legend Marlon Wayans reflects on his life and career through the lens of the infamous 2022 Oscars® slap.

Marlon Wayans spills a generation-long beef and God’s role in it. This is the most relatable take on what it means to be humiliated. The vulnerability is moving. And each part of Wayans’ backstory is heartbreaking. Yet hilarious. The fact that we *all* share 20+ years of the public backstory is what makes this Special special. Wayans expertly crafts the reenactment of how white people and Black people experienced this event. And examines plenty of ways the event could have played out. This take was generous and well-rounded. Wayans is a WEALTH of modern Black history in Hollywood, we’re lucky to have him.

I’ve written about the issues of current special trends in “Why I Cannot “Recommend” Most Stand-Up Comedy Specials.” There is too much emphasis on addressing controversy and pushing the envelope that divides an audience. Wayans doesn’t fall into that trap.

“He just so happened to have the worst moment on the best day.”

And Chris Rock, HIMSELF, gives a world-class reaction to the infamous slap in “Chris Rock: Selective Outrage” (A+++++ Special). But Wayans brings it home. And he does more than that.

Wayans briefly laments on being single, having a role taken from him, quitting stand-up, and a genuine life of deep reflection. He is filled with grace and genuine self-love.

And Marlon Wayans does the BEST Chris Rock and Will Smith impressions. Perfected over a generation.

“You don’t thirst for anyone else’s career except your own.”

But Wayans leaves us with a message of hope for the future, pointing out how Black Excellence shines through, and reminds us that the he is a master of the stage.

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