MINDFUL MAY: Can Social Justice be Joyful?

MINDFUL MAY: Can Social Justice be Joyful?

A review of THE LIGHTMAKER’S MANIFESTO by Karen Walrond.

It is easy to think social justice and advocacy work are incompatible with a joyful life. When each day is a fight against poverty, disease, and systemically entrenched issues it might be hard to imagine that joy is possible, let alone crucial to the work itself. In fact, this idea of incompatibility can often be a barrier that prevents some people from considering how they might pursue social justice within their spheres of influence. However, as author Karen Walrond explores in THE LIGHTMAKER’S MANIFESTO, making the world a better place and fighting for that bright future actually requires Joy to sustain the good work being done. When combined, Joy and Social Justice shine even brighter than either does alone. This combination results in what Walrond calls “light-making” and thankfully it is something all of us can do. Simultaneously encouraging, igniting, and grounded, THE LIGHTMAKER’S MANIFESTO is a Mindful May must-read.

Utilizing interviews, research, and her own experiences, Walrond illuminates how we can all be makers of light in the world, through an alchemy of our values, talents, and the causes close to our hearts. But that work can only be done for so long before reaching burnout if it is not also paired with intentional practices that foster joy. Thankfully, Walrond does a phenomenal job incorporating practical tools, templates, and prompts to develop personal sustainability practices throughout the book as well as in an included resource section at the end titled, “The Lightmaker’s Manual.” It is a book designed to activate the imagination and encourage participation. 

Frederick Buechner defined Vocation as “the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet”. Through LIGHTMAKER’S MANIFESTO, Walrond is equipping others to find their way to that meeting place. I’ll see you there.

Buy the book HERE and go make some light!

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