Murder-Mystery BOB’S BURGERS Feature Musical Is a Disarming Wholesome Unstoptimistic Classic

Murder-Mystery BOB’S BURGERS Feature Musical Is a Disarming Wholesome Unstoptimistic Classic

An unexpected heartfelt must-see for the whole family.

Sweeter than anticipated, Bob’s Burgers is known for well-meaning, surprisingly kind, perpetual coming-of-age weirdness – oh, and comedy. Relatable and silly, this family musical is one of my favorite releases this year. The feature-length adventure focuses on the perils of restaurant ownership and solving a local murder. This story follows a latch-key sibling bike adventure with classic flashbacks to a shadowy ‘carnie’ mystery, so yeah, it’s a satisfying watch with all the kiddo detective nostalgia. And that’s probably why it is rated PG-13, but it should be closer to PG-9, because there is nothing inappropriate that older elementary kiddos cannot handle. Well, I guess the murder and pubescent stuff, but whatever.

The adults are struggling with complicated issues around running a business during an unprecedented neighborhood-sized disaster. Their caper is just as fun, given the huge dollop of wholesomeness and scrappy ensemble work. They tackle a daunting issue balanced with charming incompetence. Something we can enjoy without the predictable anxiety attack because of stupid reality infecting my relaxing movie time!

It hits all the classics: Buried secrets, hidden compartments, child fantasies, millionaire extravagances, and second-hand faux-Disney quality experiences like a nighttime escape in a broken down dilapidated theme park ride. The antagonist thrives on typical consumerism, capitalism, and lack-luster soulless greed. But it works.

The Belchers try to save the restaurant from closing as a sinkhole forms in front of it, while the kids try to solve a mystery that could save their family’s restaurant.


Kristen Schaal as “Louise Belcher (voice)” is laser focused on coming-of-age despite her comfort bunny ears. She nails self-confidence …and hopefully solving a murder. Dan Mintz as “Tina Belcher (voice)” is overwhelmingly pubescent as always. John Roberts as “Linda Belcher (voice)” is charming, supportive, and optimistic in a way that explains her kids’ eccentric selflessness. Eugene Mirman as “Gene Belcher (voice)” gives punchline after punchline after punchline from the kindest yet clueless perspective. H. Jon Benjamin as “Bob Belcher (voice)” walks a tight line between truly exhausting and crushing adult responsibility and embracing his family’s call for closeness. Gary Cole as “Sergeant Bosco (voice)” is always a treat, he almost weaponizes his incompetence, if he even understood what that means. There are a ton of characters all delivering quality fun. It’s a team effort with more caper than Scooby Doo, more heart than The Simpsons, and more comedy than The Mitchells Vs the Machines.

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