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Music Video Release: Nico Fernandez On The Benefits Of Long Time Collaborators, Sunny Shores, And Skate Boards



Musician Nico Fernandez is an Angeleno, no matter where he lives at the time, his heart is here in California. So, of course his latest work would display Coastal playtime. Especially after 4 years in Chi-Town. His newest music video released today:

Nico Fernandez: “It’s your stereotypical breakup song but with a twist. I love how everyone so eagerly relates to this song and the constant DMs I get of how perfectly the song resonates with them regarding their past breakups. The added twist being the deeper message of a fear of commitment, which leads to running away when you see the said person. It’s just overall a fun song that has little digs here and there, plus everyone has been in that situation in which they avoid someone they know in public to avoid a rather awkwardly interaction.” 

Nico Fernandez: “Making this video was a great catalyst for my career now that I am recently based out of LA. As an artist moving to LA after being in Chicago for 4 years during a pandemic; I felt that a lot of my connections and friends were left in Chicago. It felt like I was without a way to build new friendships and connections due to the current state of the world. The experience of creating this video was not like a lot of the other music videos I have been blessed to be a part of. This is the first time that I’ve had a long term team of people that I work with help me with a project. Each production in the past was created by great professionals but on a project by project basis. My director who usually works films is the girlfriend of my best friend and Rick is my neighbor who I have developed a wonderful friendship with since moving to LA. So nice to be able to put work in the hands of people that you care so dearly for. 
Now for actually filming the video it was such a breath of fresh air. We took all the safety precautions needed and after a year of the world being shut down it was amazing to be able to freeze my butt off again and run around as one does in music videos haha. No one really sees the behind the scenes of when I accidentally hit Rick in the face with a skateboard, how cold I was after jumping into the ocean off the break wall, or when I bumped into a random friend surfing while we were filming. This was the first music video in which I was surrounded by a team of friends, family, and loved ones, rather than just a typical production team – I had the best time. 

Musician Nico Fernandez is a generous collaborator with tons of respect for his team. Finding a collaborative team is the difference between drifting and staying grounded. I wanted to give space here for Fernandez to share his heart.

Gibran Wirjawan –  I have to thank this man first, he is my producer every track I make would not be possible without him. I write and compose the skeleton of each song but he goes in and adds everything from additional lyrics, instrumentation, mixing, and mastering. Really I am the face behind the music but its more a duo of him and I creating. We were just two college kids who loved music and had no idea how our musical collaborations would take off. 

Erica Cantor – The best director I have ever worked with and a great friend of mine. She knows how to perfectly bring your visions to life. She pushes you to your limits to get the most out of a project, but not without holding your hand along the way and giving you that perfect dose of uplifting energy. 

Rick Bickerstaff – The sweetest skater / videographer / director around. Not only a very chill dude that brings a sense of calmness to set but also one guy just down to put himself through some crazy stunts for his art. 

Luke Fernandez – My brother the one who pushes me to not overthink what I believe my fans will want out of me, and really just helps me to tell my own truth knowing that if I do that it will resonate with people. 

Sophie Rockefeller – Lead lady in the video. Amazing actress always so willing to work with a loose script and can play such diverse roles. She makes a great love interest but also comes off genuine in any role she plays. Just like in this video where she comes off as sassy and almost becomes the antagonist of the video at parts. 

Cassarah Carter – My Executive Producer – Nothing goes out to my fans without going through her first. Always the first to tell me how it is … being what I need to stop procrastination on and need to just put out to the world, and what really is not ready yet. She helps me tell my truth through my art and is also always there to sing through the initial acoustic takes of my songs. Always keeps me grounded and one of the best vocalists I know. 

Knowing the artist’s favorite lyrics help me see the song in a different light. Where does this song hit hardest? Where does this song move the artist? And will they share a little bit of their heart with me by even sharing their fav lyrics in the first place?

Enjoy Musician Nico Fernandez’s fav lyrics from this piece:

“Cause you told me that I didn’t communicate/ When really you’re the one who is stuck in your ways/ You’ve been brainwashed by society/ You don’t even think for yourself and you are twenty three/ And your momma and your Daddy and your Sister and your brother/ And your friends and your family all tell you that they love you/ When really they only tell you what to do and to say/ That is why you don’t give a shit about the music that I make”

“And I thought we had something worth a damn/ But now all I’ll see is what we used to be/ And every time I see your face/ I’ll go running the other way”

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