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Mystery March: How can the Wrong Place/Wrong Time be so Right?

A book review of FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT by Elle Cosimano.



“It’s a widely known fact that most moms are ready to kill someone by eight thirty A.M. on any given morning. On the particular morning of Tuesday, October eighth, I was ready by seven forty-five.”

The opening lines of FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT by Elle Cosimano hooked me. The scenes that follow had me scouring the Internet to make sure someone was adapting it for TV (I. Marlene King of PRETTY LITTLE LIARS is, never fear). And, upon finishing the book, I found myself constantly recommending it to people looking for a fun read.

The challenge of writing a book review for a mystery novel is, most obviously, spoilers. To keep this review spoiler-free, it will also be fairly brief. The novel is light on its proverbial feet with tight pacing and a twisty plot. There’s an incredibly fun, dynamic cast of characters driving the story, the majority of whom are women. Most prominent among these women is the eponymous Finlay Donovan herself, who I deeply wish I could hang out with in real life. 

FINLAY DONOVAN IS KILLING IT by Elle Cosimano is, in fact, killing it and I am so happy to be one of its first victims.

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Jenna Wycoff is a TV writer, avid book reader, and mom of two who has worked on series such as, AWKWARD. (MTV), DAYTIME DIVAS (VH1), and GREENLEAF (OWN). Jenna spent her adolescence growing up overseas and as a result she loves engaging with diverse storytelling traditions and life experiences. A voracious reader in spite of the busyness of parental life, Jenna regularly has four to five books in rotation and is always thrilled to help someone find their next great read.

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