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Nathan Nzanga’s Oscar Qualifying Short Film ENOUGH Is My Favorite Film This Year



Nathan Nzanga was flown from Seattle to Salute Your Shorts Fest in Hollywood this weekend. He performed a few songs for an outdoor crowd of filmmakers for the fest’s opening night celebration. He arrived early. I saw a kind and quiet man getting comfortable in the space but when he had the microphone in front of the crowd, he had spunk. His free arm sat on his hip, closed fist, as he broke into a quirky youthful attitude while his lyrics cut deep. Huge premature applause throughout, of course. The audience loved him. He brought his film ENOUGH to the festival. I imagine everyone in attendance will be SURE to see it.

“In the summer of 2016, I was a 17-year-old boy at Prodigy Camp, learning how to make a difference with film and music. Alton Sterling, Philando Castille, and five Dallas police officers’ murders had taken the news by storm. It was weighing on my mind heavily, and I was at a storytelling camp, so I wrote the song “Truce” that week. “Truce” was about seeking love by giving love. In 2020 after the murder of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Elijah McClain, and countless other individuals at the hands of police brutality, I was fed up. I started writing the song “Enough.” to expand on those ideas. When they heard the song, my Prodigy Camp family decided to dedicate that summer’s efforts to creating a short film out of “Truce” and “Enough.””

Music Stars Making A Social Impact: Why & How Nathan Nzanga Is Helping To Change Our World, Edward Sylvan, CEO of Sycamore Entertainment Group
Photo courtesy Nathan Nzanga

A hip-hop odyssey using footage spanning a decade. Welcome to the stormy inner world of one Congolese-American coming of age in the US.


ENOUGH is split into 2 major acts. Young Nathan (real footage of a younger version of Nathan) spouts from the TV while present day Nathan is almost unable to stay awake for the lesson. Present day Nathan turns off the TV – he’s done thinking a young man’s thoughts in an old man’s world. The elements he explores in this film are terribly painful and beautiful.

Jennica Schwartzman, Managing Partner at Purpose Pictures Productions, Co-Founder of Little Sister Entertainment, and a member of The Producers Guild of America, SAG/AFTRA, and Moms-In-Film LA, loves tackling a project from idea to distribution as a multi-hyphenate actress-writer-producer. Jennica has been published in the Producers Guild Magazine "Produced By," Legacy Arts Magazine, Paragon Road, Bustle, and she is a guest writer for the acclaimed entertainment industry websites,, Artemis Motion Pictures' #WomenKickAss Forum, and She has been invited to speak on film festival panels and is a workshop teacher for The International Family Film Festival's Road Scholars intergenerational filmmaking camp. Jennica has produced ten feature film releases. Jennica and her husband /producing partner /writing partner Ryan have two kiddos and reside in Hollywood.

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