Nikki Glaser Has A PSA For Teen Women and Men 35+ in her Teen Sleepover-Style Sex Talk

Nikki Glaser Has A PSA For Teen Women and Men 35+ in her Teen Sleepover-Style Sex Talk

A short review.

Her entire set was crafted to explain a few basic pieces of sexual health – some for young women and a main point for men who may attempt to date younger women.


She is vulnerable, but she is sliding it under a pile of hilarious jokes about her sexual experiences – and non-sexual female-reproductive-parts-owner experiences. There is a sense that she wants to keep everything light as opposed to some other comics that take the time to go deep AND bring the room to a dark place to explore. Glaser doesn’t go deep, but you can see it in her frustrations, her admitted fears, and her literal plea for a life-long partnered relationship.

This set reminds me of the sleepovers young women used to have (do they still have these?). These are the sleepovers where you discover ‘how far’ everyone has gone and the techniques and tips they’ve learned. This is how sexual education is usually shared among young people. But I imagine COVID robbed young people of their sleepovers where these subjects came up around 1p, when all of our editing software inside our head has closed for the night. Glaser also gives us the ‘how to land a man’ self-help book break down. But she isn’t pointing at the information to make fun of it – she’s legit sharing what she’s learned AND enacting if for us.

In this imaginary sleepover, Glaser is the girl who wants to lead the conversation all night, giving advice on all the bedroom experiences as well as all the daytime masking, feminine presenting work she’s accomplishing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with this kind of advice, but it really felt like I was 19, in my second year at college, and doing the ‘bonding’ sleepover that changes every girl’s life. These are the kinds of bonding sessions – good or bad – that lay a foundation for how young women will go out in the world and reenact what they’ve learned as a kind of exploratory education, not because they were ready/interested/or even desiring intimacy with those partners. This is something I’ve seen over and over again. And I’m here for it, because it is self-driven and leads to safer, more empowering sexual encounters. And, ultimately, it is framed to demystify sex, prevent unwanted pregnancy, take off the pressure to perform, AND reinforce how male sexual partners are partners and not leaders in the bedroom.

Glaser gets down to the point with a story about an 11 year old googling her and how that is her greatest hope for that young woman. Glaser reminds me of myself in a lot of ways, wanting to spread education in a fun carefree format, allowing sex to be a part of the journey instead of a prize. AND, more importantly, she calls out the (often male) behavior of seeking uneducated bedroom partners, seeking younger women who challenge them less than their peers. Glaser is both exposing this frequent behavior and combating the root issues – by educating women not to follow men’s lead out of fear.

Glaser takes the lightest approach wrapped in the most feminine package. Please watch with a friend. And please recommend it to a young woman in your life. More about Nicki Glaser HERE!


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