OVER THE MOON wins over all ages

OVER THE MOON wins over all ages

This Pearl Studio (Abominable) gem is every bit as magical as you hope it can be. The film handles some delicate and deeply emotional subjects and not so easy for younger audiences members to really get what’s going on, but my almost 7 year old was completely engaged. Um, also, I was a very engaged 35 year old.

This is a family movie night must-see. Also, be warned, it’s a musical. Don’t let that scare you away, but I could tell that Netflix was shying away from this element in some early advertising. I had no idea, but I was delighted. You do not need kids to log in to Netflix to watch it right now, this film is for all ages. Absolutely. Do not miss it. It may be hard to tell all the ‘kid movies’ apart on Netflix these days, but this is not a kid movie, this is a human movie.

An imaginative and scientifically brilliant girl explores a mythology that is deeply personal to her and now it’s personal to ME TOO, directed by Glen Keane, a former Disney animator you certainly know well if not by name. Keane brought characters like Ariel and Aladdin to life. He also directed “Dear Basketball” (with Kobe Bryant).

I cried. I’m an easy crier, but this film really took it’s time to explore subjects that other films may gloss over more quickly. The musical element is catchy, the story is beyond creative, and it’s a delight to watch. Again, the understanding of it all really starts around 7, not so much understanding for my 3.5 year old BUT she loved it anyway. We watched it twice this week. I know we are all digging deep to keep our kids entertained right now, turn to this one now because it’s fun to repeat. And repeat. And repeat again.

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