PRACTICAL MAGIC And The Forever Fall 90’s Aesthetic

PRACTICAL MAGIC And The Forever Fall 90’s Aesthetic
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It is witchy Season!

I know it’s August. Get over it.

PRACTICAL MAGIC is my sick-day heart song. I cannot get enough. And it has never left my mind since 1998. I feel deeply, personally, biologically, sexually connected to it’s persistent draw. I will re-watch this masterpiece until my physical form and spiritual consciousness separate from Earth. And I wish for the next generation to revel in it this Season. Yes, it’s Fall. Yes, it’s time to start the features of textured warmth, vibrant velvets, and witchy vibes. Grab a soul sister and watch right away!

Click To Watch Full Movie HERE

But, since we’re doing this post, let’s be clear- this movie does not transition well, the plot is lacking, and the general 90’s studio movie issues are very clear. A director and editor of today would tell this story differently. And that’s OK! If someone you know is down on their first time viewing, have grace with them because they are not wrong, but …maybe they have no ability to look past the rough edges that sprout in the third act and didn’t Fall in love with the 90’s aesthetic enough to let it go.

Enjoy the movie. And when you are re-inspired to pull out some classic Fall clothes, here are some resources that’ll guide you:

PRACTICAL MAGIC Fashion To Bring To Your Fall Look

Practical Magic Gave Us Some Wicked ’90s Looks That We’re Ready to Replicate Today by KARENNA MEREDITH

The Most Memorable Fashion Moments From ‘Practical Magic’ by EDEN HERBSTMAN

Check out Turn Loose The Swans HERE


Sam Engel‘s Collection HERE

Wanna listen to more?

I loved this post I found by Every Outfit on Sex & the City, “A quest to document every outfit on Sex and the City by @chelsea.fairless & @laurengarroni 💋 Call our hotline: 323-486-6773 📞 Listen to our podcast,”

“Practical Magic was a box office flop upon its release, yet it continues to resonate with audiences because of its singular aesthetic and impeccable vibes. It’s a witch movie for people who went to Lilith Fair, complete with a Stevie Nicks-heavy soundtrack and a freakish amount of burnout velvet slip dresses. From the stunning Victorian house that Barbra Streisand actually tried to buy to the post-Kiehl’s, pre-Rose Apothecary shop that Sandra Bullock’s character owns, Practical Magic is the blueprint for a highly specific millennial fantasy. One where you move to a small town, embrace a John Derian aesthetic, start practicing witchcraft, and fall in love at first sight while Faith Hill’s “This Kiss” blares in the background. 

For more on Practical Magic, check out our latest Patreon episode, where we discuss everything from Nicole Kidman’s inspirational dye job to the bevy of character actresses that make this film truly magical.”

I couldn’t agree MORE! I was so tickled, ya gotta check this out:

Listen to @everyoutfitonsatc’s episode on PRACTICAL MAGIC on Patreon HERE

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