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Put Down That Book And Turn On The Best New Stand-Up Comedy Special On Netflix About A Guy Obsessed With Helicopters

AND AND AND you can watch it in front of the kids! I grew up on family-safe comedy specials. I cannot get enough of this one. But you wouldn’t know it unless you noticed the TV-G rating before you press start.



I’m a HUGE stand-up comedy fan. I will choose stand-up specials over scripted TV every single damn time. When my husband is out of town and the kids are asleep, I put on stand-up comedy. I won’t waste my time watching a full special that isn’t funny, so you can trust me on this: Nate Bargatze‘s newest special is worth the time.

Wait, who is that guy?

Nate Bargatze is The Greatest Average American, you know him from Nate Bargatze: The Tennessee Kid in 2019 (the iced coffee and milk bit) which feels like a million years ago now. My first sighting of him was from Laugh Factory between 2012-2018 and then The Standups in 2017. Maybe you know him from Jimmy Fallon’s “Clean Cut Comedy Tour” in 2013 or his first album, Yelled at by a Clown in 2014, which made it onto the Billboard Top Ten Comedy Charts for two weeks.

He’s a slow talking, casual, self-deprecating, Man-child with an unapologetically base perspective with the MOST lovable and easy-going attitude. This is praise, not an insult, I like him. So casual that you could talk right over him in a live comedy show – likely not realizing he’s actually doing comedy up there. And he’s just so darn smart and funny.

But he cannot let go of the helicopters flying over the open-air show in Los Angeles while his special is being taped. He points it out constantly. He’s not a city boy.

Best special on Netflix right now: Intro by his daughter, throwing his friends under the bus, Zoom comedy fails, unrealistic elementary education standards (trust me, it’s funny), berating children, and a hotel waffle tutorial. It’s golden.

Ok, done with all that intro, how do I watch it?

If my favorite comic in the world reads this, I’m so sorry Mr Mulaney. But I miss your stand-up. I challenge you to blow this special out of the water. Right now. I Miss You.

Jennica Schwartzman, Managing Partner at Purpose Pictures Productions, Co-Founder of Little Sister Entertainment, and a member of The Producers Guild of America, SAG/AFTRA, and Moms-In-Film LA, loves tackling a project from idea to distribution as a multi-hyphenate actress-writer-producer. Jennica has been published in the Producers Guild Magazine "Produced By," Legacy Arts Magazine, Paragon Road, Bustle, and she is a guest writer for the acclaimed entertainment industry websites,, Artemis Motion Pictures' #WomenKickAss Forum, and She has been invited to speak on film festival panels and is a workshop teacher for The International Family Film Festival's Road Scholars intergenerational filmmaking camp. Jennica has produced ten feature film releases. Jennica and her husband /producing partner /writing partner Ryan have two kiddos and reside in Hollywood.

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