SPOOKY BOOK-TOBER: Who Could Love a Monster?

SPOOKY BOOK-TOBER: Who Could Love a Monster?


The book selection for this month’s theme is always a challenge for me. As someone whose imagination is too active and absorbent to read full-on horror novels, I often have to explore a few genre-adjacent options before unearthing a perfect pick. Some other 2022 contenders in consideration for this month were CULT CLASSIC by Sloane Crosley, GALLANT by V.E. Schwab, and HORROR HOTEL by Victoria Fulton & Faith McClaren. But the one that rose above the rest, and the official pick for Spooky Book-tober 2022 is ANGELIKA FRANKENSTEIN MAKES HER MATCH by Sally Thorne. Part Frankenstein fan fiction and part historical rom-com, every chapter was a delightful thrill with a sprinkling of spooky chills. 

The main protagonist, Angelika Frankenstein, is the sister and lab assistant of Victor Frankenstein, and the story begins with them procuring a body for his re-animation experiment. In the lab, Victor’s feral creation escapes, much like the classic Frankenstein story, but Angelika also re-animates a creation, her “perfect man”. Unlike Victor’s creation, Angelika’s reanimated man retains cognitive function but no memories of his previous life. This lack of memory proves to be a fairly big obstacle in Angelika’s mission to get him to become her husband and, ultimately, Angelika applies herself to uncovering her mysterious man’s past even if it means potentially reuniting him with a wife and family. The mystery of this “perfect man” is deftly woven with the fun antics of Victor and his fiancé, the grouchy family housekeeper, the search for Victor’s creation, a surprise suitor, and Angelika’s journey of personal growth.

A spooky-season reimagined rom-com, ANGELIKA FRANKENSTEIN MAKES HER MATCH is a treat for all romance readers. 

Buy it HERE.

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