Stand Out At A Film Festival – An Outside Of The Flyer Or Button Idea

Stand Out At A Film Festival – An Outside Of The Flyer Or Button Idea

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I’ve been to dozens of fests over 15 years. The number “1” take-away is that I will not take, save, or handle any flyers or postcards. No matter how many are stacked up in front of me. I maintain a list of programs I wish to see and I *may* add an item if it catches my eye or I have a work-crush on a brand new colleague that I met at the fest. BUT, I will say that there are fun ways to get attention for low cost. One that works well is the Table Topper!

Feel free to steal my template and idea, it’s also usable at ANY local business who sponsors the fest:

Here is the template that you are welcome to use for your ads!

AND here are the instructions for how to put it together:

Wanna learn more about how to nail your film festival run??

Film Festival Series Part 1- Invite People To Your Local Film Festival

“What would get you to go to a local film festival, Joseph?” “I don’t know, I’ve never been to one… maybe an invitation?” I guess that makes sense. Just inviting my friend to go see a movie with me is probably enough to get him to come to this film festival. Is that enough though? Will people actually come and will the film festival survive? I have personally seen half a dozen film festivals disappear before my eyes over the last 8 years. I have attended, networked, enjoyed, and made friends and then when it comes time to submit again……

Film Festival Series Part 2- Pack Your Film Fest Screening Like Your Film Depends On It

“I’m Jennica, a filmmaker in Los Angeles. My husband and I are coming to your town with my film- which is showing at your film festival! I’m honored to come and am open to any suggestions of some great places to eat or must-see places to visit. I’ll be there opening night in the “Gordon Family Tree” shirt with red hair and a HUGE pregnant belly. Don’t be a stranger, I’d love to meet you in person. Hopefully you can make it to my screening Saturday at 2:30PM in the main theater. It’s right after the Distribution panel. I hope…


Film Festival Series Part 3 – Kill it in Your Q&A

“Great question. The director and I discussed this at length. We felt the music was the back bone of the film and we began making an inspirational mix of local artists before we even finished writing the film. After finding 2 or 3 amazing artists that had the feel of the film’s road trip- we happened to be filming in this restaurant one night and their band that was booked for the night was phenomenal. We asked them to stand in this alley behind the place and record live for us to use in the film. It was a little…

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