Summer Swimming Prep: “A Mermaid’s Guide,” Don’t Miss This Perfect Gift For New Parents!

Summer Swimming Prep: “A Mermaid’s Guide,” Don’t Miss This Perfect Gift For New Parents!
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Empower your child in water and in life

When my kids were younger, I needed to find a way to gift them a water-friendly lifestyle. I love swimming and I have high anxiety around my kids and pools. I knew that I needed to find a way to both give them the tools to love swimming and empower myself to be a calm and knowledgable parent around water.

This book was written for me. Basically. I learned a little more about myself as a parent and my kids’ personalities in this process. You know, I love a personality assessment and this book included tips on how to help my kids within their individual gifting!

I’ve known the author, Michelle Lang, for a few years. She is an impressive and thoughtful person, she’s great with kids and instills confidence. She writes without taking the act of teaching too seriously, her techniques are accessible and a few can be considered silly – I say that with the highest compliments. Often, you can hear her voice and how she cares for the kids in her examples. These techniques are FOR kids, the adults will have a GREAT time connecting with their kids through her direction.

As for the exercises/steps described in the book, these are short burst sessions over time, this isn’t an extensive or long teaching session book. This is a guide for short exercises. I didn’t push my kids as far or as hard as is described, I let my kids slowly come to swimming skills over repeated exercises. You can just play in the pool, but for a few minutes, here or there, you can concentrate on skill-building.

Do you want to create a strong, joyful swimmer without the anxiety typically associated with taking swim lessons? Do you want simple tips and phrases to use with your child to avoid inadvertently giving them bad water habits? Michelle Lang, called “Brilliant” by Simon Cowell (America’s Got Talent), is the swimming coach to Hollywood’s biggest stars’ kids.

A Mermaid’s Guide will take you through three phases of learning to swim: going under water, moving through the water, and popping up for breaths. The book will explain why teaching your child to blow bubbles underwater is old-fashioned and outdated. (And what vital skill to teach your child instead!) 

In addtion, inside A Mermaid’s Guide you’ll find: 

Over 30 simple and powerful activities to do with your child (ages 3 mths and up) in the pool to establish a positive, trust-based, relationship with the water.

The 1 key activity your child can learn in the bathtub that could save you hundreds of dollars on swimming lessons. 

50 photos, charts, illustrations, and case studies to guide you.

5 simple communication tips to use with your child. (These “Mermaid Golden Rules” will give you the tools you need to help your child gracefully overcome challenges both in and out of the pool.)

Answers to 14 hot button topics: floaties vs. not using floaties, goggles, sunscreen, and safety. 

And so much more!  

Want vidoes? Go to @AMermaidsGuide on Instagram and “request to follow.” Once added, you’ll have access to all the video series under “highlights.” Get started in the bathtub today with the special 10 lesson swim series, “Kid Bath!” (Or, if your little one is under 18-months-old, “Baby Bath.”) Enjoy! 

What are people saying?

“Michelle is brilliant. Since he was two years old, Eric has been swimming like a dolphin. And thanks to Michelle, he has confidence in the water and will probably win an Olympic gold medal one day.”   -Simon Cowell, TV Producer

“Everywhere we go people notice what a fantastic swimmer North is. They just can’t believe someone so young can swim so well. While working with Michelle, it was a joy to see North become empowered by the water.”   – Kim Kardashian West, TV Personality

“Our children have very different personalities. Michelle’s spiritual, modern approach worked beautifully and turned both of our kids into strong, confident swimmers.” – Robbie Williams, Singer-Songwriter & Ayda Williams, Actress 


Author, Michelle Lang, was a childhood competitive swimmer. As an adult, she became a WSI (Water Safety Instructor) certified Red Cross swim instructor.  Michelle spent over a decade researching and implementing new and effective techniques in a quest to better teach her students. Her philosophy links the mind, body, and spirit and teaches kids to overcome obstacles in a peaceful and powerful way, both in water and in life.

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