• Rap Down Under: Going All Out with Stanley Pedigree

    Rap Down Under: Going All Out with Stanley Pedigree1

    Stanley Pedigree has been part of the New Zealand hip-hop scene for two decades. He’s written, produced, performed and recorded, toured the country, featured in festivals, started groups and gone solo. He’s a staple of North Island rap, and the latest video to his infectious new song, All Out, drops today. Outside of our 600 island

  • The INT. MAP ROOM Experience

    The INT. MAP ROOM Experience0

    In 1979, it is doubtful 30-year-old Lawrence Kasdan knew what was buried between p57 and p59. For the sophomore screenwriter, it was likely just a standard lead-in, a plot propellant that gets us into the thick of the adventure. In truth, it was to soon become an unparalleled moment in screen history, the Citizen Kane of adventure sequences – INT. MAP ROOM – DAWN.