• Secret Hollywood Show-Mances

    Secret Hollywood Show-Mances0

    I have been a working actress for the last 20 years in Hollywood. This means you probably don’t know my name, which is cool, but you can recognize my face from countless films and television shows. After making a living in the entertainment business as an actress and director, my creativity really exploded when I

  • Hollywood and Fantasy and Addiction, Oh My!

    Hollywood and Fantasy and Addiction, Oh My!0

    Can you imagine if Sex and the City’s Samantha discovered she was an addict and her drug of choice was MEN? Have you ever dreamed about being the high-society, proper Allie to a gorgeous but brooding Noah in The Notebook? Better yet, maybe you believed that someone had to bleed, take poison or die trying like in Romeo and Juliet to demonstrate that you’re true soulmates?