Tearing Apart Lifetime Movies With ARE YOU MY PODCAST? Is Giving Me Giggles

Tearing Apart Lifetime Movies With ARE YOU MY PODCAST? Is Giving Me Giggles

I just started the hilarious ARE YOU MY PODCAST? by Sarah Colonna & Mary Radzinski – and it feels like I’m out on a Friday night with friends.

I can’t recommend this enough IF IF IF you want them to tear apart cheesy movies all while being obviously completely intrigued by the actual story. But if that’s not your thang, you might not be able to take away much from this one. Or will you? Gotta try it to find out. These comedians dig in and have a party doing it!

Comedians Sarah Colonna and Mary Radzinski break down Lifetime movies in their own ridiculous and unique way. Whether you love Lifetime Movies, hate Lifetime Movies, love to hate Lifetime Movies—or have never even seen a Lifetime Movie, you’ll love the insights and commentary these two hilarious comedians offer while analyzing characters, themes, and plots—or the lack thereof. Sarah and Mary will also be covering Lifetime’s “Married at First Sight” Season 12.

Sarah: “I have a deep love/hate relationship with Lifetime movies.  They’re so fun, cheesy and a good escape.  I met Mary years ago (we are both stand-up comedians & have worked together a ton) and we instantly became great friends.  When we discovered our mutual love for all things Lifetime, this seemed like the way to have more fun with it.” 

Mary: “With the pandemic limiting venues for performing standup, it seemed like the natural “next” thing. Also, I felt like one of ten comics in the world who didn’t have a podcast yet (along with Sarah lol) and the pressure was mounting.

Having the Lifetime Network as a focus, it’s fun and easy to pick a movie/show/series that we are interested in gabbing about. It’s nice to have variety to choose from.” 

There is so much to sift through and decide what to talk about. Lifetime, if you didn’t know, has a wide variety of genre shows that are female centric and usually pretty empowering …and loads of DRAMA. Sarah and Mary find the BEST gems to discuss.

Sarah: “Luckily Lifetime keeps the content going, haha.  We usually pick the premiere ones, but we also plan to do some episodes featuring the “classics.”  The fun thing about our podcast is that you can be a fan of those movies or not – it doesn’t matter.  We walk you through all of the ridiculousness, so even if you don’t watch them, you can still listen and have guaranteed laughs.  Things definitely go off the rails, in the best way.” 

Sarah and Mary compliment each other well and poke fun at all their eccentricities. Including a good deal of Peloton talk that kinda gives me the impression they want a sponsor in that realm. I’m sure they don’t need any encouragement though to keep getting on here and razzing each other.

Sarah: “Mary has the best observations.  She picks up on small things that really grind her gears and it truly makes me laugh out loud every time.  Her dry sense of humor and wit is the best.” 

Mary: “Besides being ridiculously funny, [Sarah]’s able to make almost anything relatable. She’s genuinely interested in the people she’s talking to and the topics she’s talking about and it translates to the audience. She’s also really good at keeping us on track where as I tend to noodle around in minutiae.”

This is the kind of year where I need to sit and drink a few glasses of wine curled up in front of the Lifetime channel. Knowing I can put on the podcast right after is just icing on the pandemic cake. It’s the perfect way to blow off steam with the best distraction: COMEDY! I got a chance to ask the ladies what their last few months have been like.

Mary: “Accepting and adapting (still working on that) – ie.) doing a Zoom standup show even though it’s out of my comfort zone, different forms of writing beyond standup jokes, etc.

Sarah: “With all of the challenges of 2020, I’m just hoping to keep positive and motivated.  And I’d love to grow this podcast into something special. 

These are some crazy talented and fun women, I recommend looking up a title, watching it, and then digesting it with these funny peeps. And the pod is available wherever you get your pods.

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