The 3 Best Ways To Watch BRICK MADNESS

The 3 Best Ways To Watch BRICK MADNESS

Brick MADNESS (available for pre-order) viewing options covers a few Seasons of life. Let me explain all the ways you can watch this instant classic family favorite.

Every Season of life is beautiful and special in its own way. I have been on a wild journey in my 35 years and am currently in the stage of parenthood alongside young children. So, I have a few favorite movies from over the years that I cannot watch right now in this stage, but am excited to share with my kids in a decade or two. But this comedy is different, it can be viewed at EVERY stage of life, I’ll explain.

Family Viewing

Gather the young children, popcorn, and a tray with various LEGO building piles. This is a longer movie and young kids may not understand much of the nuance. But there are opportunities for LEGO master building eye-candy and watching young people enjoy brix on screen. Your kids will be itching to build as they are inspired. Let them. You might be leaning back and loving the comedy or you might be building too, so get a few trays for brix fun.

There isn’t a lot of bad language, but the jokes could be crude or encourage teasing, so parental guidance is definitely recommended for some pause-and-convo moments if necessary.

Writer and Director Justin McAleece was also the far left actor pictured here alongside actors Ian McAleece and Robin Steffen

Brick Enthusiast

I’m guessing you will come across this thinking that the film you are watching is a satire on the very people you grew up loving, but stick with it. This is a LOVE LETTER to the many types of people you’ll encounter in the brick world as well as inside jokes that only you will understand and love. Consider this an actual documentary about a fictional group of people in a real world that you already enjoy. The film team travelled to and actually filmed at a real Brick Competition event. You might even see some community members from your real life. This movie represents a group of brick enthusiasts working with filmmaking enthusiasts to make something truly special for fans.

Plus young Jadon Sand (The LEGO movie, The LEGO Movie Part 2) is in this movie, he shot this one BEFORE the studio ones came out! Fun trivia.

Not so decent proposals occasionally come up between these characters, Actors Robin Steffen and Jennica Schwartzman

Stoner Watch Party

I went to college at California State University, Fullerton and ran a party-friendly apartment and had quite a blast recreationally enjoying some cannabis with friends and watching WET AMERICAN SUMMER, CLONE HIGH, and GIRLS WILL BE GIRLS. If I could go back in time, I would add BRICK MADNESS to the rotation and enjoy it with some college buddies in a heartbeat. Grab some recreational goodies, invite over some friends who used to play with LEGO, get comfy, and recline for a great comedy experience with a lot of heart. A watch-party might be the safest choice, I HIGHly recommend it.

Still from “Brick MADNESS” available for pre-order

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