This Is Your Sign To Read That Script You Were Supposed To Read

This Is Your Sign To Read That Script You Were Supposed To Read

I know, I know, we all have scripts in our inbox and promise we’ll get to ’em.

But, now that you’ve seen this headline, you won’t be able to walk away from this commitment without admitting to yourself that you had no intention of reading it when you said you would.

You probably did mean it at the time, which is fine. But have you done this before? Have you said you’d watch your friend’s movie? Have you said you’d review footage? Have you committed to uploading everything to that Dropbox folder? Did you promise to send sound mixer recs to your colleague? Did you say you’d read that email and respond on behalf of the team? Did you say you’d read the contract before signing (trick question, I KNOW you signed without REALLY reading the whole thing!)? Did you forget about a script until just now????

It’s been a rough year+ and you deserve to be behind on things for months. You do. But maybe it’s time to take a shower, kick back with some tea, and find a comfy spot with good lighting and start reading the first 10 pages. Just commit to 10 pages for now. You can do it.

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