This Is Your Sign To Write THAT BOOK (And This Is Your Resource To Unlocking The Process)

This Is Your Sign To Write THAT BOOK (And This Is Your Resource  To Unlocking The Process)

An interview with Kim O’Hara, Book Coach to Best Sellers™

I met Kim O’Hara in a shared online group for creatives and I couldn’t wait to write about O’Hara’s work because I wrote a book (Movie Baking: The Indie Work-At-Home-Parent Filmmaker) and the process was so life affirming that I wanted to inspire others to do it as well! The best I can do is interview and recommend Kim O’Hara’s inspirational journey.

Kim O’Hara: “I started Own Your Authorship for people who are stuck in the someday of their books, and can’t seem to move forward out of the mind clutter to make advancements in writing.  We build the fundamental foundation of what it takes to be a successful author through eight weeks going from their relationship with rejection through to them actually writing a chapter (which for many is the first time.). Folks who gain a strong awareness in the 8 week cohort then will move on to be in my One Year Author program which is soup to nuts (outline to publishing).”

Kim O’Hara: “My Landing Page is really comprehensive about this program. Many of the testimonials speak for themselves, but the crux of what need to be identified to write a good book is the bigger message, the unique expertise and the champion audience. This applies more to non-fiction which is what I mainly coach, but since I come from 20 years in movies, I also can coach fiction authors.” 

I’m a Type A personality. I’m always doing a million things, I talk a lot, and have the hardest time focusing on anything. Kim was patient, skillfully listened to me and helped me figure out what my story was. She sifted through the fluff, and got to the core elements of my story while keeping me on schedule and accountable to writing often (which was very hard!) After all, I was working a day job, teaching on the side, trying to be a style influencer, hosting community events, running a Commission, and attending Board meetings. Through it all Kim held the line and kept the process moving. This experience was one of the most difficult yet enjoyable experiences and I have Kim to thank for leading the way.

Nicole Vick, Public Health Advocate/Educator/Civic Leader, Amazon #1 Best Seller

I asked Kim O’Hara about how putting this together to serve her community helped HER grow and helped stretch her to new heights.

Kim O’Hara: “I love this question about growth for me. Honestly, I have wanted to come up with a way to reach thousands of people to tell their story and believe they have an idea in them that is worth telling.  So many people hold back because of historical gunk and they get caught up in how being an author would look. Launching Own Your Authorship concurrent with hiring a marketing company and buying Facebook ads was next level for me as a business owner.  I was on one hand terrified to be putting more skin in the game behind what I believe in, and also completely stoked to be having a team to see my vision and help me execute it. I feel like Own Your Authorship is metaphorical for seeing yourself fully and stepping into greatness. If half the people don’t write books with me but I moved the needle for them in their self-awareness and growth through their story over 8 weeks, its a big Win for me.”

…As a novice writer and a businessman, I understand business very well but know nothing about book writing. Kim educated and guided me down the book writing path. Her frank, candid, professional demeanor is so beautiful that the world needs her character to guide and lead us all. This has been one of the most rewarding experience I’ve had throughout my life. If you are thinking about writing a book, I strongly encourage you to hire Kim. You cannot put a price tag on her services, she is worth every cent you invest. I thank you Kim for opening my eyes to understanding how to best communicate to the reader and in life. Thank you very much for everything you have done for me.”

– Allen Maxwell, Wall Street Journal Top Ten Business Book, USA Today Top 150

Kim O’Hara: “I just wrapped three weeks of a live webinar called From Someday to Author: Three Keys to Unlock Your Dream Book in Under 8 Weeks.  We go evergreen with the training on June 17th, and will offer multiple time slots each week for folks to sign up and see this really in-depth webinar I teach. At the end of the webinar I provide the opportunity for folks to come into one of the classes for Own Your Authorship starting in early July.”

O’Hara teaches the 3 Keys to Unlocking Your Dream Book in under 8 Weeks – go from “Someday TO Author” Here. And consider jumping into her podcast for that extra kick-in-the-tush inspiration:

You Should Write A Book About That

Host Kim O’Hara interviews fascinating people with a story to tell, a book to write and incredible advice to take into your day, for a better life!  Who doesn’t want that?  In less than 20 minutes.  Whether she is interviewing the performance coach for the Chicago Bulls, the founder of Asutra products, a healer on how to bring magic into your life and a life coach on the power of No, Kim gets right to the heart of their message so you can carry it into your busy day. Listen in the car, washing dishes and tuning out the kids!

You Should Write A Book About ThatClick here to listen

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