Tom’s Spiderman: *NO SPOILERS* 4 Things You Should Know Going In

Tom’s Spiderman: *NO SPOILERS* 4 Things You Should Know Going In

I’m not including a trailer, just go see the movie. Stop analyzing everything you see online. Stop looking online!

Wow. Just wow. I loved the experience of watching the 3rd Spidey movie in a sequel series. It was rewarding. Watching 123-12-123 felt great, but more importantly, not necessary! Just great! This spider has so many adjustments from the first 2 iterations of the cinematic neighborhood hero. This one is *Almost* my favorite.

Here are the things you should *know* but won’t spoil the movie for you:

  1. Watching Tobey and Andrew (even just re-watching the trailers for the general gist to launch your memory) would be a kindness to yourself, the trailer tells you a hint of what to expect, but the experience of those movies is worth re-visiting anytime! (Just look over This and This for reference)
  2. You do NOT need to re-watch all MCU (or Loki specifically) to *get* what’s going on. Someone told me I should, but I feel like that’s not accurate and gives you a different impression of what to expect.
  3. You do not need to re-watch Tom’s first a second installments to *get* what is going on, but it comes in handy to refresh (even if just the trailers). I’d say do it if you have the time, but the film is pretty self-explanatory where we pick up and move forward.
  4. This movie is enjoyable for everyone. My 4 yr old and my 8 yr old enjoyed the movie and allowed certain things to go over their head. It’s ok to watch, but it is as dramatic, violent, and curse-filled as the rest of the MCU. This one might be slightly more tame, though.

Avoid spoilers and go see the movie as soon as you can… otherwise the spoilers may completely rip the moments from you. Don’t even watch the trailer again, don’t learn any more, just go see it.

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