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Virtual Event: TODAY Is The Unofficial Pokémon 24 Hour Draw-a-thon

25th Anniversary Celebration: Log onto a stream of artist Zack Finfrock drawing the original 151 Pokémon featured in the first generation of the game series!



I’m really lucky to know an incredibly talented artist doing a really cool thing TODAY on Saturday March 13th at 8am PST at and you can log in ANYTIME ALL DAY to see how it’s going!

From Actor, Artist, and Professional Geek Zack Finfrock:

“I’m going to draw the original 151 Pokémon featured in the first generation of the game series, which is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary! I just ask that people come by and hang out! I’m an old school fan of the Pokémon series since I was a kid, and I love the idea of revisiting it while also drawing a bunch! I draw live on Twitch every once and a while, so this is just a longer version of one of my normal streams. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to work on illustrations digitally and I love sharing my knowledge with others, so streaming and drawing is perfect! I do encourage everyone to participate and draw along if they want.”

I met Zack Finfrock years ago and have hired him to do some work after coming across his wonderful portfolio. I’ve been encouraged by his leadership in lending his skills to bring attention to important issues as well as just bringing joy and beloved culture to everyone around him.

“I’ve been drawing most of my life, digitally for over 20 years, mostly self taught, though “self taught” in the age of the internet means I just didn’t go to a traditional school for art. I sought out my own education through tutorials and replicating art I loved from others. 
I’ve also been a gamer since the NES and original Gameboy, so Pokémon was a big part of that.” 

Zack Finfrock is immersed all hours of the day in art, he’s an unstoppable positive force in artistry, respect, and lifting up Geek culture.

“I currently am a creative at the advertising agency Ayzenberg, where I am the sole producer of video content for SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog. A large portion of Ayzenberg’s client are videogame related, so it’s a perfect match for me. For example, another recent project I was able to do is I helped create and produced the current marketing campaign for Stubbs the Zombie! (Click to enjoy). With the current work from home life we all live, I was approached in April last year to create for SEGA and Sonic because of my past as a content creator on the internet, as well as a small gig I did with Ayzenberg in 2018. It was a perfect fit for my skills and I’m excited to see what else I’ll be working on in the future! 
I also do freelance commission work, a lot of which I stream.”

I asked Zack Finfrock for one more call to action…

“My dog’s name is Ecto and he is the best. Come by the stream and you’ll get to meet him!”

Very effective. See you there.

Click to join now!

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