Watch New Horror-Comedy HERE: Proof That Serial Killers Care About Public Health

Watch New Horror-Comedy HERE: Proof That Serial Killers Care About Public Health

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Actor/Writer Adam Huss wrote fellow actor Adam Bucci’s pleasant sweetness into the darkest premise. These two fascinating actors shine in this perfectly assembled cabin horror. Their performances bounce off each other, as if to be a party game. Director Richard Keith Quintero masterfully combines the horror and comedy through pacing and tone. It moves, it’s fun, and makes sure to enjoy the best possibilities in it’s unique time in history.

From Screamfest’s YouTube Channel:

A serial killer bored to death in Covid quarantine and desperate for a victim picks up an innocent hitchhiker, but what he thinks will be a quick and easy kill, turns into a long and challenging night.

  • Directed by: Richard Keith Quintero
  • Produced by: Molecule Productions aka Adam Huss and Adam Bucci
  • Executive Producer(s): Matthew Coleshill and Matthew Di Panni
  • Written by: Adam Huss
  • Main Cast: Adam Huss, Adam Bucci, Peter Stickles, Stephanie Wall, and Alex Suarez

About the Director:

Richard was born in Panama City, Republic of Panama. He grew up on the East Coast and attended Georgia State University in Atlanta Georgia. He received a BFA in photography with a minor in creative writing. Although his focus was photography Richard was always obsessed with movies and filmmaking. His graduating thesis project was a feature film he directed called “Point and Shoot”. After graduating he moved to Los Angeles to further his film ambitions. There he became a Cinematographer and Director. He has worked for various outlets over the years including Nat Geo, Rolling Stone, Variety, and Disney to name a few. Richard produced his second feature film “Wannabe” which starred Adam Huss and was turned into a TV show with Marta Kauffman of “Friends, Grace and Frankie” as Show Runner. “Wannabe” was purchased and produced by Warner Brothers Television. He then created another television series “Andy and Chaz” which was produced by Tony Jonas of “Queer as Folk, Friends”. Most recently Richard has created a sequel to the first “Wannabe” film, again starring Adam Huss. And even more recently he directed ”Strangers in the Night” with frequent collaborator Adam Huss and Adam Bucci. “Strangers in the Night” is Richard’s first foray into the “Horror” genre. Richard sought to challenge his comedic directing background by doing what was for him a different kind of project. Since “Stranger’s”completion he has found himself falling in love with the “Horror Comedy” genre and looks forward to further exploring the horror realm.

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