What Podcast Do I NEED To Catch up On?? ONE BROKE ACTRESS Gives Powerhouse Industry Knowledge And Isn’t Slowing Down Now

What Podcast Do I NEED To Catch up On?? ONE BROKE ACTRESS Gives Powerhouse Industry Knowledge And Isn’t Slowing Down Now

Season 7 Premieres Tuesday January 19th, BUT a preview mini ep is available now!

Friendly and thoughtful former Midwesterner Sam Valentine has been in LA for almost 10 years and yet her smile and cadence still gives you the comfort of a home town. What Sam Valentine does REALLY well is simply ask questions. When you’re listening and absorbing, Sam puts herself in ‘our’ shoes and genuinely asks the right questions and brings us on a journey. She’s a selfless actress with a natural curious spirit.

Sam Valentine: “After graduating college I moved to LA right away, knowing nothing and no one. Fighting the up-hill battle that is acting LA, I have learned so very much. And not just acting-wise. I have learned so much from my many many side gigs, from meeting new people in new communities in LA (like classes, the gym, or at work). I am also the proud owner of some VERY supportive parents, without which this would have been a great deal harder. I decided to start One Broke Actress because I didn’t think there was enough attention or honestly about the day to day life of the working actor (not the 1%). And I have always been a very intense question asker, so in this format I am way less annoying. ;)”

All 6 Seasons so far have more than a dozen books worth of knowledge in a tidy and easy format to absorb before you hit the ground running into your best working year yet. AND SHE’s still learning!

Valentine: “Well I have learned to listen a lot better. As a host I thought it was my job to just roll through a list of questions, but I realised that’s not really the case. Guests may have so many tips and stories I had not planned on taking in, and if I am not fully engaged, I will miss something. I have also become a lot more comfortable asking people about hard times, money, and the other things they may not post about on their social media.” 

I had the enormous pleasure of being interviewed by this captivating woman and we stayed so long after dark (with her lovely producer) that I felt like I had just had dinner with close friends. Comfortable yet inspiring and electric conversation made for a memorable experience. She is a no-nonsense hard worker who generously gives as fast as she can, as if she’s running out of time. She told me all about Season 7 and all that she has in store for her listeners:

Valentine: “So many amazing actors from several different markets! We also have an Atlanta agent, a dialect coach, and a famous motivational author. It’s one of my favorite seasons because my producer (Helenna Santos) and I were very targeted in getting stories from all actors of different races, origins, backgrounds, ages, etc.” 

Kickoff preview episode to Season 7 is HERE:

Sam is joined by Helenna Santos to do a quick podcast preview for the 7th season. This season is going to be a mixed bag of actors/agents/coaches spanning all ages, ethnicities, backgrounds, and markets! The two also share what their LA and Vancouver markets are like in these Covid times and how they are both dealing. Season 7 premiers 1/19/21! Helenna Sam

Podcasting is unique. It’s a specific kind of interview style. I asked Sam about her favorite guests so far. Of Course, she said that I’m the best guest of all time and no others compared to me in any way shape or form… but after I begged her to even consider other folx, she ultimately came up with a list to share. (I hope you can read my humor in all this)

Valentine: “I love both of Sara Mornell’s episodes as she is so honest and really changed my career personally. I also think career coach Brian Patacca is brilliant in every way. Audrey Moore and Max Greenfeild were also very popular episodes. …I would have any of these casting directors back on in a heartbeat, they were all fantastic: Michelle Lewitt, Erica Bream, Jessica Sherman, & Ramani Leah

Catch up now:

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